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Outside Reading Nooks This Fall To Fall For

  • 2017/09/16
  • 348
Outside Reading Nooks This Fall To Fall For

There is something really magical about reading. A nerd reader can read anywhere, anytime or in any season. And the only thing better than an excellent reading is creating the peaceful ambiance that helps you immerse yourself in the story. Most of us like reading nooks. We all have seen indoor reading nooks created in small spaces, under the stairs or near the window, with lots of comfy pillows during summer. But now, when the summers are gone, I am here to share a few inviting outdoor reading nooks with peace, coziness, light and shade. From your backyard to porch, balcony to terrace these reading nooks will be your new must have.

1. Dream Escape

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Reading in the garden is just like a dream. When the birds sing songs and morning breeze flows, this swing could be your favorite escape with your favorite book in garden outdoor.

2. Cozy Corner

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Transform your outdated empty porch into something you never thought it could be. Just hang a beautiful swing chair, throw some colorful cushions and your cozy corner is all set to become your favorite new reading spot.

3. Over the Top

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You can’t find a better way to spend the afternoon than soaking up some vitamin D outdoors with your favorite writer. Hang a swing on terrace or balcony and make it more inviting just by adding cushions for comfort and night light for the late night read.

4. Books in the Backyard

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This reading nook is perfect for relaxing in the backyard of your house. This comfortable, yet classy, swing creates an ambiance that is perfect for a romantic novel or a science fiction love story.

5. A Courtship in the Courtyard

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If you want to up your courtyard game then this Diwan shaped swing is all you desire. Here, you can read with ease and fall in love with your bestseller.

These are the outdoor reading nooks in the form of swings, a few ideas on how you can transform your garden and outdoor areas into the places where you can sit, lie, relax and spend some “me-time” with as many books you want, along with peace and a cup of coffee.

Which reading nook is just right for you? Share.

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