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Picture Lights

Picture lights are mounted on the wall or on the photo frames to highlight the precious life moments. Not just paintings or photo frames, but you can also decorate the dressing table using a combination of light with pictures. For this reason, WoodenStreet brings a comprehensive range of led picture light exclusively available online at affordable rates. Our selection will surely help you to add a decorative look to your home. So, go ahead and choose the one that perfectly fits your style and budget.

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Picture Light: Add A Dramatic Effect to The Artful Decor by Absolute Lightning

Picture lights are nowhere not just used in museums or galleries, but now in trend to decorate the interiors of your home. You can bring a unique sense of dramatic effect to the room by illuminating your favorite painting or photograph with a special led picture light. 

For the same reason, WoodenStreet introduces the vast collection of picture wall light at reasonable rates. These will definitely help to highlight your valuable artwork naturally through its absolute lightning. Scroll above and select the one which perfectly goes well with the style of your interiors and enjoy our additional shopping benefits now!

Handy Buying Guide of Picture Lights

Check out some thumb rules for buying the perfect one which gives the maximum impact and wow factor to your masterpiece. 

1. Choose the right size of led picture light

If your artistic painting or picture is bigger, you need more lights to illuminate it. Therefore, make sure to go through some thumb of rules for buying the correct size of led picture lights. For portrait painting, choose half the width of the picture, whereas for landscape, select that’s between a third and a half of the picture width. 

2. Layout correctly over the artwork 

The goal of buying a picture wall light is to spread the light over the whole artwork, avoiding as far as possible on the top half. It’s advised to put centrally above the picture. 

3. Purchase from a trusted online store

Picture lights are sensitive and sophisticated home décor essentials. So, buying online might be risky but not impossible. There are a lot of trusted and reliable online stores like WoodenStreet, which offersthe best picture lights to make the perfect choice for your home. Also, it offers easy and secured payment gateways and exciting discounts, which ensures the journey fun and hassle-free. 

4. Durability

The material lifetime speaks about its durability of how long it will showcase its functionality. Make sure that led picture lights are made up of prime content materials. These will increase the lifespan and gives high resistance to everyday wear and tear. Plus, it doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket while buying durable products. 

Discover The Range of Led Picture Lights Online by WoodenStreet

1. Rey White Metal Spot Light - Pack of 3

If you need more picture frame lights or picture wall lights, then this pack is the right selection for you. This design will do triple magic and gives a unique touch to your decor. Grab this great combination of a metal and wood lightning fixture at great prices and available in various finish options. 

2. Kraftfull Black Metal Spot Light - Pack of 2

If you need some stylish pattern of picture spotlight, then this pick is the right option. The design has a round shape with a star intricate on that and is made up of prime metal content and a wood stand. So, brighten up your artful work with these twinning lights and exclusively available at great offers. 

3. Rey Grey Metal Spot Light

For creating striking home décor and also an impressive impression in front of your guests, here we have this Scandi inspired LED picture light. It has a narrow shade to create a focused pool of light and also magic in your whimsical interiors. The design is made up of iron and a stand of wood, which ensures to serve you for long generations. 

What Else WoodenStreet Offers?

1. Attractive Discounts and offers

The best part of shopping with WoodenStreet is to enjoy exciting discounts, deals and offers from time to time and season to season. This will keeps the shoppers engaged and make the journey fun and memorable. 

2. Cost-effective Products

Despite the wide collection of picture lights, all our unique products are extremely durable because it is crafted of premium material like iron and metal. Also, all are available in an economic range of prices that allows the customers to shop incessantly without the worries of expensive price tags. Hence, we offer value for money products. 

3. Seamless Online Purchasing

WoodenStreet offers various policies like free shipping services, timely delivery, warranty services and no hidden charges applicable at the time of checkout. Moreover, our 24*7 customer care support is ready to help you at any time of the day, which ensures the shopping process smooth and hassle-free. 

Happy Online Purchasing!


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