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Rare members of Tables family whom you might not have seen

  • 2016/07/29
  • 836
Rare members of Tables family whom you might not have seen

There are multiple varieties of tables that are found in various parts of the world. The table was invented out of necessity. The necessity to keep the things safely so that your hands are free to do some other work. The necessity to get a stiff surface, over which you can write beautifully, without having to bend your back at some extreme angles. The need to be able to keep your food above the floor, so that you can eat in a sophisticated way, sitting in an ergonomically apt position. You have to imagine this, can you decorate your home, without the help of table? OK, walls will have the wall arts and beautiful colors, but where will you keep this fine vase? Where would your chandeliers be focused on? Imagine all of these things lying on the floor! It is awfully disgusting and would never help to make your home look lovely. 

Facing somewhat like these situations, people thought of developing a wooden table; that can increase the convenience. But, since we know, there are thousands of religions and cultures followed in different segments of the world. Also, there are extreme weather conditions in various parts of the world. These situations have given a man a liberty to produce enhanced versions of a primary table. We might be aware of the tables we have in out home or are found in various places, where we go. Those are a dining table, coffee table, dressing table, billiards table, Tennis table, gambling table, etc. But I will discuss some tables that I recently got to know about:

1. Altar Table:

This is a slaughter table or a table that was used for sacrifices in the holy places like Shrines, Churches or Temples. This table is found in the conspicuous places today and is made of earth or stones. But if it is to be kept inside the temple, it might be carved from wood.

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2. Chabudai Table:

This table is originated and used in Japanese culture, where people sit around this low-height table. There are no chairs or ottomans used here, because people sit on the cushioned seat, placed on the floor. They sit there by folding their legs, under the upper body, which is medically considered to be a correct position, while eating food.
table culture and it's usage

3. Loo Table:

This table is a masterpiece, which can be round table when you have to use it. And it can get folded, such that The fact of the table stands erect. This is the reason why theses tables, have beautiful table tops. The space saver is an additional plus point.

how to use round table

4. Kotatsu Table:

In Japan, during the cold weather, this little, wooden table is preferred too much. The reason being that this table is nothing but an electrically operated heater, covered by a futon to keep the people sitting around, warm and cozy. This table is named as Korai in Iran and becomes the center of the House during sheer winter months.

Use of tables durnig the cold weather

5. Guéridon Table:

This is an antique, small circular table, that has the legs, that are carved in the form of beautiful human figurines. This is a decorative furniture item, which is used to keep the expensive-most displayable items.

antique, small circular table

6. Sea Dog Table:

This table is a masterpiece, and is treasured in the Hardwick Hall, England. This table is famous for the exceptional carving of the tortoise toes and horses. This table is the most important representative of the 16th Century artisans and their work.

types of the table

These are some historic and very rare types of the table found in different corners of this small world. These tables have evolved to serve humans in the best possible way, which is why tables are necessary since past centuries.

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