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Reasons For Getting A Portable Wardrobe Instead Of A Built-In Closet

  • 2017/05/22
  • 467
Reasons For Getting A Portable Wardrobe Instead Of A Built-In Closet

When thinking about the bedroom furniture, the first thing that pops up in everyone's mind is a wardrobe. A wardrobe besides being an essential storage furniture, adds on to the glory of the room. The design of the wardrobe, being a priority, while making a selection, its features and utility cannot be neglected. A portable wardrobe will be the best choice if you don't want your walls to be equipped with the huge built in wardrobes. While some of you may still be fascinated by the built in wardrobe styles, let me make you know, what do you lack if you don't have a portable wardrobe

1.A Free Standing Style:

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A portable wardrobe has a free standing style with abundant designs available to choose from. Unlike the built-in wardrobes, which occupy the entire wall space, leaving no space for other exemplifications, a portable wardrobe is a standout piece available in exclusive styles and size suiting your needs.

2.Can move along with you:

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The biggest advantage of a portable wardrobe over a built in wardrobe is that it is mobile. You can easily take it when you shift and even modify your room arrangement by giving it a new place.

3.Multiutility Features:

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The latest portable wardrobes are now available with a variety of multi-utility features. A three-doored wardrobe can prove to be a boon when you got to store all your accessories in one place. Apart from that, many wardrobes have drawers subjoined with it, where your small essentials like watch and wallet can find a place.

4.More Durable:

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The portable wardrobes are available in wood finish, which apart from being the most durable material, has its own charisma. The richly toned wood, attractive designs and flawless finish can stylet any room of your house.

5.Easy to sustain:

When compared with the built in wardrobes, the maintenance of the portable wardrobes is far easier. The mobile feature makes it easy to carry in a case of any wear and tear unlike the built in cabinets where it gets difficult to detach the complex fittings.

6.Can be modified:

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While planning to renovate your bedroom with a new colour, you can even magnify your wardrobe, if you own a portable one. Contradict to the built-in cabinets; a portable wardrobe can be highlighted with teak, walnut, maghony or honey finish. You can choose a perfect lustre complementing the new colour of your room and revamping it entirely.

The different pros of a portable wardrobe over the built in ones proves that it is the smartest and space efficient way to organise your apparels as well as the accessories. It not only gives a lively look to your room but also make your lifestyle more methodized. Now the question is from where can you get the topical designs of portable wardrobes? Well, your search will definitely end on Woodenstreet. We present you the exclusive range of portable wardrobes with multiplied features which you can even get customised as per your need. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and shop!!

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