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10 indisputable reasons to purchase Fabric Sofas at Woodenstreet

  • 2016/09/07
  • 719
10 indisputable reasons to purchase Fabric Sofas at Woodenstreet

It is a Herculean task when it comes to buying an appropriate and a gorgeous Fabric Sofa for your decorated home. Undoubtedly, it takes our all to go through the myriad of fabric types, wood materials, finishes and upholstery material that will be used for our fabric sofa. But, we can see, when we get receive it, all those efforts turn out to be fruitful, and we have the most magnificent fabric sofa as the centerpiece of our home.

Today, who loves to work with the convention, when there is the world full of options available in front of you? Whenever we plan to buy a fabric sofa for our home:

First, We check out the nearby Furniture stores and search for the designs that meet our idea of perfection.

Second, we turn up to the internet for searching the best fabric sofas online and still can not convince ourselves completely to buy a product that matches our desires as well as the dimensions of our home.

Then, Third becomes the best way out to the situation, in which we choose to buy the fabric sofa online, after customizing it just according to what we require. From frame to wood, fabric to upholstery, 2-seater to 4-seater, we can customize it all at Woodenstreet

Now, you might be having some questions popping in your head, saying why we should choose customization at Woodenstreet? That is because Of the following undeniable reasons:

1.More than 50 graceful and alluring Fabric options

All you need to do is:

(A). Imagine the material of the fabric that will withstand the way you are planning to use it.

(B). Get an idea of the color and prints that will look the best with your living room interiors.

So, once the prototype is ready at the back of your mind, you can take a look at our vivid collection of branded fabrics for your future fabric sofas. You can get the ranges of floral, plain, geometric or striped fabrics, which will represent your sense of style by defining the look of your fabric sofas.

2.Long, Short, Right or Left- Dimensions all according to your space

If you like a fabric sofa, but that does not work out well with your house dimensions, then you will get corner-inversion options as well. With the help of this, you can choose whether the l-shaped fabric sofa is right cornered or left cornered. You can also opt to make the fabric sofa a 2-seater, 3 or 4 seaters or a 6-seater furniture item as well.

3.No brand Adulteration

The local dealers you choose, never announce about the brands of the raw material, they used to make your fabric sofa. This concealing “is a subject matter of solicitation”, and at Woodenstreet we maintain transparency in the quality of materials we use.

4.Choose the foam for your fabric sofa yourself

To take your designing to the next level, we offer a range of high-quality foam material. From which, you choose as to which foam is going to quench your comfort needs the best way.

5.Premium Quality Wood used:

You also get all the liberty to choose the type of wood as well. And you can expect the most natural and stable quality wood usage in the making of the frame of your fabric sofa, from the Woodenstreet.

6.The color and finish as per your demand

The choice of even the minutest detail, you think can affect the look of your room, lies in your hands. Take the advice of our consultants if you need and then choose the color and finish of the fabric sofa.

7.Free customization and no unnecessary Costing

Not all good things come at a price, in fact, all this customization that you do is all free of cost. Neither do our designers or consultant charge you anything for the expert advises they give you on your demand. You are free to directly contact the manufacturers without having to pay any hidden costs.

8.Free Delivery and Installation Service

As a cherry on the top of pie, we deliver your dream fabric sofa at your door securely. Our team will install your self-designed fabric sofa, without charging a penny.

9.Quality Assured

With the utmost transparency in each step of creating your sofa, we promise you the best quality furniture.

10.Your Dream, our goal

Lastly, since you are the director of this fabric sofa making process, therefore, we will be by your side to make that dream sofa happen to your home.

So, Let us get united to explore the most imaginative ideas in your mind, regarding the designing of your fabric sofa!

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