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Redecorate Your Living Room with Lawson Sectional Sofa

  • 2018/02/28
  • 227
Redecorate Your Living Room with Lawson Sectional Sofa

Of all the furniture trends we have come across, the one trend that means business is the trend of Sectional Sofas in your interiors.

Sectional Sofas, as the name suggests, are composed of many small, independent sections that unite together to function as a single unit. This is not that much different than the fifty states of The United States of America coming together and functioning as a single state.

Why Sectional Sofas?

The endless possibilities that these sofas present their user with is the prime reason why they are on such a boom. The creative world and the world of design is all hearts for sectional sofas and their never-ending possibilities in a home. Recent hikes in the number of people living in apartment homes have us looking for not just space-saving furniture but something that can also utilize the space well.

Committed to the concurrent trends of the world, Wooden Street has recently launched the sectional sofa of your dreams. Lawson Sectional Sofa has the competitive flexibility of an Olympic gymnast.

This sofa can be made to create a seating space dependent on your creativity and comfort. The idea behind these innovative designs is to obtain the maximum utility out of a single furniture unit. Lawson celebrates and upholds this in its fabulous design and more.

Have a look at the stylish ways in which you can remodel your living room, whenever the whim strikes.

Just a simple piece shifted here, and another there, and you have your new style of using Lawson at the ready.


#1. The Formal Arrangement.

This simple arrangement with the ottoman in the center caters to your meetings at home.


#2. Scoot over Ottoman!

For more legroom, you can just shift the ottoman by the side. This is helpful while cleaning and for times when your sofa just sits idle.


#3. For small gatherings, take away the side unit.

The easiest way to create a sofa for a smaller gathering is to remove the extra piece. The space so built, is close-knit and inviting for conversations.


#4. For times when you just want to stretch your legs and relax

This arrangement works when you’re watching a movie. You can hide your bowl of popcorns away on the side-end sections or, you can share the bowl in the middle, whichever you prefer, but also, you can stretch your legs and get comfy as the movie progresses.


#5. The Bed that you didn’t buy

This arrangement works wonderfully when you require an extra set of sleeping space.​


#6. For large groups and at-home parties

The U-shape structure of the sofa keeps the conversations flowing and tackles the awkwardness out of first time gatherings. Perfect for newly shifted people throwing a get-to-know party at their home.


#7. Celebrate your eccentricity with a tasteful flair

Like we said earlier, you just have to move the sections from here to there and a new style awaits you. This is one such style.​


The myriad of colours of Lawson


The number of colour combinations, of both the cushions and the fabric of the sofa, open up endless possibilities to truly make Lawson Sectional Sofa your very own.

We hope you loved this product as much as we do and that it finds perfect utility in your home.

Tell us what new ways have you come up with of decorating Lawson Sectional Sofa.

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