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Revamp Your Living Room

  • 2017/11/08
  • 238
Revamp Your Living Room

Bored of the way your living room looks? Day in and day out the dullness of your home gets the best of you?

A change in your interior can not only revitalise the ambience of your home but also revive your spirit by breaking the spell of monotony.

Spare a few weekends and some budget roll your sleeves up and dig in.


Draw up a list of everything in your living room. Now categorise everything under A, B, C as per the following and do as suggested-

A) HATE IT: Chuck everything under this. Donate, sell, or recycle. We trust your judgement.


B.1) I don't know why I have this: Clinically, with respect to everything under this category, answer yes or no for - “Is this in line with my plans for this room?”

Chuck everything that answers ‘no’.

For things that answer 'yes' – safe keep. Don't decide anything just yet.

B.2) But I have memories associated with this! : While having memories associated with decorative stuff may be emotionally enriching, it really ties your hands down while deciding what to keep. Shelf the memorabilia in your store or find a hard resolve and detach yourself from them. Donate the useful stuff and let yourself have one last good memory with everything.

C) ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO KEEP IT: Well this one is a no brainer, isn't it?


It’s only human to want more out of your space. But keep in mind the genuine limitations the size of your living room poses. Distil a sense of cosiness while making the space less claustrophobic.

Tasteful placement of mirrors can create an illusion of more space.

We Suggest: Cambrey Set of 3 Framed Mirrors for this desired expansion of space or you can choose to buy custom-made frames.



This is a difficult idea to process while cleaning out just one room. Pan out every room in your mind and make a rough plan on how you want your home to look and feel like. Depending upon the theme, choosing the colour scheme is much simpler a task. Pick the style of interior and extend it to your entire home.

Choose from the following five broad categories and get started:


Be prepared for lighter pockets as the gilded galore and regal decor define this interior. Light, neutral colours contrasted with sturdy looking furniture carved out of hardwoods would complete this look.

We Suggest: For Baroque theme go with Alanis Wooden Sofa or Corsica Wooden Sofa. If lack of space has struck a nerve, then Wooden Street offers stylish Corsica Sofa Cum Bed as the cure to all your interior designing ailments.



Let your culture colour your soul and bathe your walls. India, with its diverse culture, houses homes inspired by its heritage and traditions. You can always opt for a global theme or stay rooted to your traditions.

Choosing the apt furniture is a herculean task but Wooden Street Experts are at your disposal.

We Suggest: Hepburn Chesterfield Sofa or Margret Fabric Sofa for the chic English styled home. If you choose Hawaiian theme then Walken Printed Fabric Sofa is a fair choice.



Retro designs are all about unusual decors with bold colours. Yes, vibrancy is the heart of this interior, but only in a tasteful manner. Retro embraces your inner 70s or 80s persona with open heart. Designs inspired from that bygone era fall under Retro.

We Suggest: For retro style theme we suggest Raiden Wooden Sofa or Trish Fabric Sofa Cum Bed.



Neat lines grab attention and are a key feature of this theme. Subtle colour-vibrant accents, wireless and hidden remote controls for electronic devices mark this theme. Light weight, sober furniture will enhance and liven up your living room.

We Suggest: We Suggest Cortez L shaped Wooden Sofa if space is no issue for you or Clive L Shape Sofa if it is.



Clean straight lined architecture and open floor plans signify modern interior themes. Nothing says more modern than less is more. Bid adieu to extensive colours and tiles or bookshelves protruding out of the walls. Upturned furniture completes the look.

We suggest: Swanson Chesterfield Sofa Set will brag your choice for you.


What do you think of these living room upgradation ideas? Let us know.

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