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Rugs and carpets online available to spice up your home decor. Browse an alluring range of carpets and rugs online at Wooden Street. This fascination range of cotton rugs and floor carpets online for home surely enhance your home with it's beautiful designs. Make your feet dust free with the captivating range of rugs and floor carpet for living room and rugs online. Wooden Street offers you rugs and carpets online that comes with great comfort and lavish appearance. Buy carpets online in India for home at best price from Wooden Street.

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Rugs and Carpets Online To Deck Up Your Interiors with the Floor-Art

Rugs and Carpets online proffers the unique way of bringing together all the elements of the room; yes, these can pull together several colours used in the dwelling. Floor carpets and Rugs Online with many different colours, materials and designs; Wooden Street brings the exclusive variety of cotton rugs and carpets online in India for the living room. Whether you live alone, have a big family life, or are somewhere in between, introducing floor rugs and carpets into your space can make a huge improvement. Explore the varied range of hand tufted floor carpets and rugs online in India to complete the decor of your home.

Get the best of rugs and carpets online from Wooden street

Carpets are the must-haves in every house. And these rugs and living room carpets give a very comfy and cosy feeling in the dwelling. You can have any kind of pieces of furniture ranging from a luxurious sofa, a coffee table and other stuff but it will always be less than complete regarding cohesiveness. There are millions of things that you can do to sprinkle a bit of flavour of your personality. But, isn't it true that there is always a mortal dread of making your room look cluttered and chaotic. So, to save the interior decor of your room what can be done is install best of the rugs and carpets in your nest to conjure up the kind of atmosphere you dream of. There is a diverse variety of these rugs and carpets online that are enough to confuse as which one will enhance the glory of the place. So, without much ado let's know the hows and whys about these charismatic accessories.

Types of Rugs and Carpets Online in India

Rugs and Carpets online for floor infuse the classy and rich look to your home and spread the beauty through its amazing designs. Floor carpets and rugs online at Wooden Street are the perfect finishing touch to any home decor that adds a perfect warmth and comfort. Excited? Read on below to get the idea of the fantastic collection of rugs and carpets online, available at Wooden Street:

  1. A Piece of Art Work: Bring home a piece of artwork and your own artistic taste with the Red Mistic Hand Woven Cotton Rugs online in India from Wooden Street. Durable and easy to clean, this handwoven cotton rug or living room carpet online can truly become the head-turner of your room. Red mistic rug is inspired by the design of the mandals that beautify this red-coloured rug.
  2. A Contempo Appeal: This uniquely checkered cobalt chain woven carpets online has been fashioned in the regal-blue background and laid over with a stylish and distinct white and brown cobalt-chain design. It has a beautiful design that is much suited to the decor space of contemporary times. The open threads on both the sides, proffering a luxurious look to the rug.
  3. A Traditional Touch: Give the traditional touch to the flooring of your home with the beautifully designed Indigo Blocks Hand Woven Cotton Rugs Online from Wooden Street. The traditional pit-looms come into the picture to craft these intricate details. This Hand-Woven Rugs online features the dash of patterned blocks through its indigo and white hued backdrop. Designed with the flat texture, carpets online from Wooden Street will surely beautify your home.

Mostly floor carpets and rugs gives your home a rich look, Everyone want their home gives a rich look. So, Explore these multi-color range of floor carpets and rugs online that always enhance the beauty of your home, floor rugs and carpets are the decorative unit that surely beautify the interior with it's amazing colors and design.

Why colourful rugs and carpets are more preferred?

Colourful rugs tend to bring all the happiness and life to the place they are placed in. Also, the mere sight of them is enough to lift the damp souls. The carpets online in India of many colours are said to be crafted from a tool called "tufting gun." It is a kind of technique in which multi-hued woollen string loops are forced into the prior printed background that a complete design of the floor carpets. And when the design is finally reached another foundation is aligned with a high-quality glue to the hand-woven rug and carpet so that its life is enhanced to many years. The last step is that another layer is added to increase the strength of these carpets. And this technique is thoroughly practised by the online sites. These rugs made and sold in India are designed in a way that they are least prone to wear and tear. Another feature that makes them an immediate success among people is they are highly resistant to some feet placed on them. They can bear them all and for years to come have a characteristic of looking new and vibrant as ever. So they can be placed in the living area, hall or common rooms. Go for the living room floor carpets online if you are looking for the best and a cost-effective unit. Therefore you can have them in any room. You can have a look to all the kinds of tufted rugs and carpets online on our site Wooden street. They are handwoven by the skilled craftsmen for every kind of the themes of Indian households. So that everyone can have their choice of carpets that accentuate the feel and character of the place they are installed in.

Buy Floor Carpets and Rugs Online in India

Carpets and rugs add a refined touch to your home. Floor carpet are the perfect finishing touch to any decorating project, and they can infuse any space with added colour, warmth or pattern. Redecorate your home decor with the fascinating range of carpets and rugs online, These fascinating range of floor rugs and carpets online spice up your interior with its design and colours.

It's really very hard to find perfect rugs and carpets online for living room that enhances our home decor, when we go in search of furniture for our homes than we know we want every unit of it whether it is a sofa, chairs, tables, floor carpet for home to be of remarkable quality and something around which we don't only feel comfortable or thrilled but also proud. Unique and beautiful rugs and carpets for home add certain warmth and texture to the room and thus it is important to choose carpets and rugs online wisely. So buy rugs and carpets online that will enhance the charm of your home. Also, you can bring floor carpet for living room. When it comes to the kid's room, pop colors and patterns do the trick to enhance the decor. With Wooden Street, you get to explore several options for floor carpets and rugs online in India that will surely bring a vibrant appeal to your kid's space. Carpets and rugs enhances your decor and also makes your feet dust free. Wooden Street's floor carpets and rugs online come in various colours and designs that spice up your home interior.

Benefits of Buying Carpets and Rugs Online from Wooden Street

Along with the plethora of options in floor rugs and living room carpets online, we offer some of the other benefits which include:

Quality Products:

Whether it is a talk about wooden furniture products or home decor items, offering the premium quality is in the genre of Wooden Street.

Discounts and Cashback:

We also offer occasional discounts and cash backs to our customers so that they don't feel uncomfortable or at time nervous, while shopping rugs and carpets online.

Customer Support:

With discounts and easy return policy, Wooden Street also provide 24*7 hassle-free support and secure payment facility.

Buy carpets online in India at affordable prices and get free shipping in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Noida, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chennai, Indore, Ahmedabad, Gurugram or Across India. So without any second thoughts, buy carpet and rugs online in India from our wide range of floor carpets for home at competitive prices.

Customer Stories
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Buy carpets and rugs online in Delhi, India
I bought a floor carpet for living room available at Wooden Street which looks stunning in my living area. The bamboo viscose fabric makes it suitable for indoor use. I wanted a floor carpet for home which does not only covers up flooring but also enhance the look of the indoor space. The carpets online that bought from Wooden Street does an absolute justice to the floor. The floor carpet for living room is of high-quality fabric and comes at an affordable price. The beautiful floor carpet is worth spending every single penny I paid. Big thanks to Wooden Street.
Naman Shastri Delhi
Buy carpets online
While I was searching for a floor carpet for a living room, I came across Wooden Street. They have a wide collection of colourful & classic carpet specially designed for a living room. So I placed an order for carpets instantly. I received the carpet made from good quality material and a colourful print. The carpet is thick enough and beautifies my living room aptly. Both me and my son love it. Thank You so much, Wooden Street.
Aakash Rao Delhi
buy rugs and carpets for living room in India
This keppel Kode Hand Woven Cotton Rug is beyond my expectations. Beautiful floor carpet in floral design enhance my bedroom look. Wooden street has an incredible collection of rugs and carpets online. This store is the perfect place to buy floor carpet for living room. This carpet completely changes the overall look, My 5 out of 5 stars on this carpet for home. Thank you Wooden Street for such a fantastic carpet!!
Shivani Panchal Hyderabad
Buy rugs and carpets online
Olive Wander Hand Woven Cotton Rug is a beautiful hand-crafted floor carpet for living room, It looks so appealing that I think everyone should have it. I get exactly the same floor carpet for living room I looked on the site. I am very happy and grateful to the wooden street for taking care of little things regarding the delivery. Thanks again!
Rajiv Mathur Delhi
Rugs and floor carpets online
With multicoloured snaking bands across a white background, I'd say that this is the best floor carpet for living room, as it goes amazingly well with the crazy and colorful decor. This carpet keeps your kids' feet away from the floor, this carpet providing a colourful surface and enhance the beauty of my home. Satisfied with this carpet! Thanks a lot to WoodenStreet.
Yatti Shastri Mumbai
Carpets and rugs online in Bangalore
While placing an order for a chaise lounge, I saw that Wooden Street also offers a wide range of floor carpet online for living room. I then thought of purchasing a carpet as well that matches with my chaise lounge. I scrolled through a number of carpets and found the one which was in a contrasting shade of my lounge. I purchased both the products: carpet and chaise lounge and received them within the promised delivery period after the confirmation of the order. Totally satisfied with the services and products offered by Wooden Street team.
Yamini Yadav Bangalore
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