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Sheesham Wood Furniture: A perfect Blend of Durability and Aesthetic Appeal

  • 2015/10/21
  • 1720
Sheesham Wood Furniture: A perfect Blend of Durability and Aesthetic Appeal

It's not difficult to judge the quality of wooden furniture, and you don't even need to be a specialist to do so. All you need to do is understand the characteristics of different types of woods as well as their construction and finish. It will help you to become familiar with the significant terms of wooden furniture. The type of wood used is one of the major factors that decides how long the furniture will last, and how it will serve you with age.

A furniture can be crafted from different woods that is classified as soft, hard, or engineered. When speaking of quality, hardwood such as Sheesham and Mango are considered as the premium quality wood. These woods have appealing textures that make them popular with woodworkers. Furniture manufactured from Sheesham wood has become a favorite choice for many homeowners around the world. It is one of the most durable timber sources in India that is also known as Rosewood. 
Wooden Finish

If you want to know the basic characteristics of Sheesham wood such as grains, hardness, and color, then have a look:

Sheesham wood is mainly grown in India and some Southeast Asian countries. It comes in colorful shades with finely grained patterns. Sheesham wood always is in high demand due to its attractive grain variances, superior strength, and beautiful finish characteristics. It is an ideal material for decorative carvings and can be easily seasoned for future stability. 

Least Susceptible to Termites and Rot

Sheesham is a superior wood material which is favored by most people. It is least sensitive to dry-wood termites that make it extremely durable. It offers relatively high crushing and bending strengths. Moreover, it is resistant to insect attack.
Antique Box
Attractive Appearance
Sheesham wood is known for its rich chestnut color and classical charm. It varies in color from a chocolate brown to a light purplish or reddish brown, with dark contradictory streaks. Its rustic appearance and attractive grain patterns make every piece of furniture made from Sheesham wood unique and appealing. 

Does not Require Special Care

The durability and natural appearance make Sheesham wood the ideal choice for many manufacturers and homeowners. With proper care, a well-crafted Sheesham wood furniture would serve you for many years to come. For routine cleaning, Just clean your furniture with a dry and soft cloth. Occasionally, you can apply a non-wax furniture polish to the surface of furniture to rejuvenate its freshness.

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