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Shelving Stuff

  • 2017/12/01
  • 221
Shelving Stuff

The one interior designing accessory that is found in every home, but is completely inessential, is wall shelves. Shelves and cabinets display the little things you appreciate in life- favorite framed quotations, antiques, precious porcelain, books and other multi-disciplinary bits and bobs. There’s more to shelves than just space to keep miscellaneous things in an eye-pleasing fashion. Shelves convert a high-end, completely furnished house into a home. They render a personal touch and warmth that makes their home a favorite place for people.

Wooden Street has chosen five shelves to convert your house into a home, bonded with love.

Read to find which shelf or cabinet would ideally look best in which room.

1. Cook, Chill, Conquer

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The place that is responsible for the manufacture of mouth-watering delicacies ought to be mentioned foremost in any discussion. When it comes to interior designing, kitchens have started attracting attention only since the past decade or two. Even so, with the modular kitchens in trend, the tendency of hiding everything behind closets has risen. Say no to imitating popular styles and display your precious collection of crockery in specialized and intricate wooden cabinets like the Monarch Kitchen Table to amp-up their charm. Now, it can serve to beautify your kitchen.

2. Eat, Ease, Evaluate

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Up next for the discussion is the place that serves the delicacies made in your Kitchen. It is indeed important that dining room has something more to it than just a dining table and some chairs. For that extra zing, bring in a trolley table by the side and put your silverware and china in a more fashionable and easier to access manner. This systemizes and saves space on your dining table and makes it clutter free when you serve food.

3. Rest, Relax, Recoup

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We prioritize places where you spend most of your time in company of your loved ones, entertain guests and, in general, relax. Your living room is one of your favorite corners of the house and for good reason. The vibes of your living room put you at ease instantly. Escalate the effect by placing a bar cabinet that adds to the aesthetics of the living room and aids in your relaxation. Moreover, display your decorative pieces in fancy wall shelves like Portland Wall Shelf and let your troubles go.

4. Bathe, Brood, Beautify

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Relaxation succeeds rejuvenation. Your bathroom is that place which gives a brand-new start to your life and perspective, every day. Washing dirt and grime, sweat and slime and the tiredness off is easier in a neatly arranged, clean and hygienic bathroom. Bathroom cabinets, like the Hendrix Bathroom Cabinet, make arranging your bathroom an effortless job while incorporating a pacifying air in your bathroom. Bathe, Brood and Beautify.

5. Read, Refresh, Reflect

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The space you don’t visit until you absolutely have to, has to be listed in the last. More often than not our surroundings shape our mood. Dire situations sometimes demand that you work from home, and it is always a good idea to segregate this corner from the rest of your home to create a balance in your life. But, let this space have a little more positive vibe, than being the place where you have to do more work. Drag a bookshelf full of your favorites, here. Turn your office into your reading space and frequent it often. Good memories with the space will boost your efficiency while working.

These were little nudges about the small-scale changes that you can make for a home that tells your story. We hope our ideas helped you. Do keep us in on the grapevine.

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