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Shoe Racks You Will Fall In Love With

  • 2017/10/03
  • 367
Shoe Racks You Will Fall In Love With

Someone quoted it very aptly, "Any day is perfect for shoe shopping". The never-ending obsession for shoes urges you to get more and more. While adding the latest shoe design to your unique collection might be a labour of love for you, getting a perfect shoe rack to place your shoes becomes equally important to bank your shoes in a neat way. When you are getting a perfect storage cabinet for your shoes, you should take care that it goes well with the home decor. Whether you are a shopaholic or a neat freak, a smart shoe rack is a must have furniture piece for a well-organised apartment. There is a uniqueness in each style of shoe racks. Let's have a look at different kinds of shoe racks that can perfectly match your style:

1. A Shoe Cabinet:

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If you are among those who love collecting the heterogeneous designs then a shoe cabinet is a perfect choice for you. It is available in all sizes and gives proper space to each of your pairs. Additionally, they have doors in the front which keep your footwears safe from dust and insects. They have the capacity to store a lot of shoes and can even be used to store other articles. The perfect wood finish can beautifully complement any home decor style.

2. Shoe Racks with Bench:

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If space is a constraint, then this dual-purpose furniture piece is meant to serve you. These shoe racks can be easily placed in the entryway, giving you a place to sit while taking your shoes off. If you think that this perfectly suits your way, then you are rewarded with a plethora of designs to choose from. It can be a bench with armrest, a slick shoe cabinet backed with a seat above, and much more.

3. Racks with a pull-out closet:

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It is the perfect blend of hidden storage with the capacity of a family storage. The pull-out closet keeps your shoes covered, and gives a look of a desk when closed, beautifying the interior of your living room.

4. Shelves:

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You can go for shelving, as shelves are versatile, come in different sizes and can fit any budget. It sits close to the floor and allows you to store your footwears in an immaculate way, making your apartment look neater and organised.

5. The multi-utility shoe racks:

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When running short of space, these multi-purpose shoe racks, apart from providing adequate storage, become a style statement for your living room. The far-out style gives it an extraordinary look with sufficient storage capacity, supplemented with shelves and drawers. The shoe-rack doesn't look like one, being a masterwork furniture piece.

What's better than giving your precious shoe collection, a marvellous storage space, such love? To bring a smile on your face, WoodenStreet comes up with an option of getting your shoe racks customised online, which means you can get your favourite shoe rack without any rush, and in a few simple clicks. To grab a stunning shoe rack for your home, shop on WoodenStreet.

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