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No last minute Diwali shopping! Shop furniture online today and enjoy comfort this Diwali!

  • 2016/10/15
  • 686
No last minute Diwali shopping! Shop furniture online today and enjoy comfort this Diwali!

Diwali is not only a festival of lights and happiness but also that time of the year when our homes get a beautiful makeover. Cleaning the house and lighting the entire house with all the fervor is fun, but when it comes to renovating or replace the furnishing in the house, it becomes all the more difficult. We all tend to buy new things for our home on the day of Dhanteras, which is said to be a fortunate day to buy anything. But with the rush in the market and so many other things running at the back of our mind, we forget to consider all the things before finalizing the purchase properly.

So, a better alternative to this can be, purchasing the furniture online, a few days before the Diwali haul begins. You can take your time, consider the space constraints and existing decor, and then choose the desired furniture accordingly. You can even invest your mind in designing your own furniture using the online customization service at Woodenstreet, to satiate your perfection meter. So, take a look at our latest Diwali releases to find the best items for your home:

1.Ostentatious Bedroom Collection with double beds and upholstered beds:

With the wide and unique range of high-quality double beds and extra-cozy upholstered beds, you will surely find it difficult to take your eyes off the products. Meticulously designed to cater your comfort needs while you sleep, these beds are sure to satiate the idyllic comfort you have always yearned for.

Upholstered beds

2.Super-stellar Fabric Sofas and Sectionals:

Fabric Sofas online in india

The best way to accentuate the look of your room is to accompany the interiors with a complementing set of fabric sofa or corner sofas as per your space. Nothing can enliven up space the way fabric sofas or l-shaped sectional sofas do, with their captivating presence. It is good to find a super cozy and comfort-oozing furniture product that never ceases to acclimatize the look of the living space.

3.Breathtaking Dining tables sets according to your requirement:

Unique dining table sets

Dining time with the entire family is the time that alone can strengthen the bonds and nurture a healthy family life. And all this is supported by a sturdy dining table set that, along with making a decent sitting space in the dining area, amplifies the look of the room. Whether you choose a two-seater dining table set, four-seater, 6-seater dining table set or a magnanimous eight seater dining table set, do not forget to consider your space in the first place.

4.Scintillating sofa cum beds to enchant the dining space:

Sofa cum beds designs at woodenstreet

When space is the crunch and budget cannot be exceeded, then sofas cum beds become the order of the day. It has become very trending to use sofa cum beds that serve dual functionality, namely a bed and a sofa. But as a matter of fact, they can do far more than that! Sofa cum bed designs support storage, adorns the interiors, be a bed or a sofa, and look contemporary with the interiors. So, why not spend some fortune over this extraordinary furniture product?

So, this Diwali, just sit back at your comfortable furniture and enjoy the festive moments with your family. Of course, this is better than roaming the streets in search of proper furniture and wasting your time.

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