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Sofa set is the most raided part of the Living room. It can add an everlasting appeal to your home decor. Wooden Street confers the widest collection of best fabric & wooden sofa sets online in India at lowest price and Unmatched offers. Sofa Set (सोफा सेट) is indeed the center of attraction in your home, Be it for your reading session or family time, these sofa sets online will let you bring in the air of luxury and comfort to your living space. And being available in different types & seating options, these sofa sets at WoodenStreet will give you multiple options such as fabric, leather, wooden or recliner options. Moreover, all are crafted from premium quality material and have different finish and fabric options to suit your needs best. So, buy sofa set online in India in this festive season & enjoy quality hours with friends, family or even your me-time on a new sofa set price lowest in India.

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Buy Fabric & Wooden Sofa Set Online in India at Best Price

A sofa set is a quintessential element in the living room that defines the overall mood and tone of your home. It is a must-have furniture piece for every home, as you will find some of the best sofa online in India from Wooden Street, which will be the center of attraction for your guests to gaze on. Besides proffering comfort, a modern sofa set provides plush comfort, so that your guests feel special every time they are at your home. Whether you are a couch potato or couch surfing, sofa sets serves the best. Therefore, living room sofa furniture is the central unit that uplifts the ambiance of the room.

WoodenStreet’s astounding sofa set online range features a variety of designs, patterns, textures to maximize the style quotient of your living room. Our collection of sofas proffers all types of high standard material choices includes solid wood, leatherette, fabrics, and many others. With the stunning designs, we assure you that your investment serves for a longer time. Thus, all sorts of sofa sets online in India are durability certified and provide robustness even for rough and tough usage. Moreover, our sofa set prices are great competitive and for quality that makes a great deal for our customers. So, whom are you waiting for? Shop the perfect sofa set design from our collection and enjoy the incredible shopping with us.

Sofa Sets: Importance of Modern Sofa Sets For Living Room

Sofa sets for Living room are not only indispensable in day-to-day life, but their addition turns a damp drape of a room into a glamorous one. Therefore, various factors need to be taken into account while looking to buy sofa online. Such as their size, shapes, colors and patterns play a vital role in deciding the final piece. So, get to know more about these versatile pieces of affordable sofa sets crafted from the finest of solid wood and premium quality fabric. You can select some exclusively designed sofas online at the worthwhile price from woodenstreet.com. You can also check out our sofa buying guide that would help you in selecting an ideal one. An enormous variety of sofa furniture awaits online, go and take a look, who knows, you might end up buying one.

Types of Sofa Set Online Available in India at Wooden Street

A Sofa set is the center of attraction for every drawing room. They adorn the space and uplift the complete home decor. If once invested on these couches, then you probably do not have to worry about arranging extra sitting space.Hence, buying best sofa set for drawing room is essential. So, check out the following types of modern sofa sets online -

  • Fabric Sofas for Living Room: Wooden Street offers one of the best fabric sofas, If you are planning to buy a sofa, then buy sofa set online in India from woodenstreet and add style and glamour to your living space. The best part of having a fabric sofa set online is that they are durable, easy to clean and long-lasting. Wooden Street provides you different styles of Recliners and fabric sofa that are wisely constructed and provide you with comfortable sitting.
  • Wooden Sofas: Wooden sofa gives beauty, comfort, warmth, and style to your home decor. Wooden sofa set have been known for their dominating and eye-catching appeal, as they exhibit luxury and charm. So, refurbish your home interiors with wooden sofa online at unmatched prices. We provide the easy and diverse customization options at our online store.
  • Divan Sofa set: WoodenStreet has a royal range of divan sofa sets to make your homes sumptuous and ensures prolonged longevity, as these divans are gracefully carved in Sheesham wood, which is one of a kind. These sofa set online are light-weight, easy to accommodate and can be used in many ways at Deck your home with the finest one!
  • Sofa Beds: Want to buy sofa beds online? Visit Wooden Street, surf through a wide variety and buy sofa online in India, as these are easily convertible. It is Comfortable and equally convenient because our sofa beds offer immense functionality. Buy online sofa bed from woodenstreet.com and make your living area an inviting one. Wooden Street offers a stylish range of sofa beds online in India that will pump up the style quotient of your space.
  • L Shaped Sofas: L shape sofa sets are the new popular choice of many modern homeowners as it adds functionality to the space with the right style. These offer ample seating areas within the limited space and comes in various colors to bring an attractive look to your decor. WoodenStreet has a broad range of L shaped sofa set, available with left arm to the right arm so that it can fit in any layout of the living room. Not only this, but you can also customize these units as per your   So, browse through our extensive range and decorate your home with our living room sofa set collection.
  • Corner Sofa Set: Corner sofa are a way to utilize the corners of your home; they convert the corners from being empty to comfortable and engaging ones. Wooden Street offers different styles, designs, color and size of corner sofa online in India. If you are seeking a smart and functional corner sofa set in India, then Wooden Street is the best destination.
  • Leather Sofa Sets : When it comes to the look of luxury, nothing can beat leather. Leather sofa set add a very royal touch to an apartment and are easy to maintain as well. You can clean them without any hassles and these sofas are very durable too. These are a one-time investment that would stay with you for decades. Leather sofa set being very smooth and comfortable to sit on, makes them perfect for your living space.
  • Recliner Sofa Sets : If you want comfort with class, go for recliner sofa. They give a very chilled-out vibe to the household and are great for people living with their partners. Be it a football match or your favourite TV show, you can enjoy it while relaxing on your recliner sofa set. You don’t even have to restrict it to your living room. You can have one or two in your bedroom too.
  • Sectional Sofas: Sectional sofas are great for maximizing seating space. They are great for smaller apartments as the sectional part can accommodate your visitors easily. They offer the ultimate lounging comfort while looking elegant at the same time. With the help of a sectional sofa set, you can make your space more welcoming and sophisticated.

Buy Fabric & Wooden Sofa Set Online from Wooden Street and Get Best Benefits

Everyone desires for a beautiful and luxurious looking sofa set in a hall, after all, it is the most popular in the furniture world.

Sofa sets available at Wooden Street can serve you well for many years to come. The material used for sofa at Wooden Street is premium in quality and provides an authentic look to the living room. It is amongst the apex quality furniture available online. Apart from this, when you buy sofa set online you'll get some of the other benefits which include:

  • Customization of Sofas- A Big Yes! : Customer perception is our reality and to experience this reality; we offer the facility to customize the sofa sets design as per customer’s choices and preferences, to give their living space a more elegant and stylish look. Yes, at Wooden Street one has the liberty to customize for convenience.
  • Discounts & Cashback: Woodenstreet assures sofa set priceto be reasonable and also offer occasional discounts and cash back to our customers, so that they do not get confused in purchasing sofa set online for any furniture at their home.
  • Free Installation & Delivery: Sofa set furniture is that module in the home which needs to be taken with utmost care. So, to make your living space inviting and luxurious, we provide free delivery and installation services.
  • Customer Support: You can buy sofa set online with NO COST EMI and easy return policy. Also, Wooden Street provides 24*7 hassle-free support and secure payment facility.

Sofa Sets for Living Room : Enliven Your Space Like Never Before

Whether it is a necessity, a decor staple or an integral part of the living room, Sofa sets are always the gorgeous unit in every home. As the living room is the place where we welcome our guests, it is essential for us to make a strong, everlasting impression. A sofa set plays a crucial role in creating a pleasant and luxury home decor of your room as it can create a delightful blend of opulence and comfort.

Woodenstreet have more than 35+ customer experience stores across India, to help the customers in better understanding of furniture they intend to buy, as we create an exact replica of living room and dining room display in our store with sample furniture. Therefore, you can buy sofa set in bangalore that are available online in different types and sizes. You will find everything online, from sectional sofas to traditional wooden sofa sets, you can select anything that blends perfectly with your decor requirements. As the first impression is the last one, it is crucial for us to embellish our living room abode with the best sofa set online that mixes up perfectly with the decor and make it much more attractive. If you are making up your mind to buy this Couch, then you must know the benefits you will gain.

Let's go through them one by one.

  1. Best sofa set furniture for the living room:
    Imagine a living room without a sofa? Weird and uninviting, right? Why would anyone leave this special zone in the home unattended! Sofa sets holds a special place as it gives your sitting area a perfect makeover.
    The sofa is the only extravagant unit because of its bigger dimension and beautiful upholstery.
  2. A formal as well as a welcoming feel:
    Sofa sets can be used anywhere whether you wish to assemble it in the office or in the cafe's or at your home; these amazing units will never let the ‘wow' factor go down! For instance, if you wish to assemble a meeting at your office, sofa sets can be used to make your investors or visitors comfortable while you discuss important deals. You can also use them in your home as a place to enjoy family get-together, watching your favourite shows and movies altogether. Wooden Street offers a wide range of Office Sofas online at best prices.
    Thus, no matter what size or type of wooden sofa set you choose, it will endow a welcoming and homely warmth to your decor.
  3. Anchor unit in the entire room:
    No matter how much drama is going on around the sofa set, it will all diminish in front of the sofa set's gorgeousness. It has got the definition of elegance, and moreover, every other furniture unit revolves around it. Whether you are thinking to assemble side and end table or setting the coffee table, the reference of the sofa set is always considered!
    Set the room with good vibes by incorporating a wooden sofa set in your abode.
  4. Utmost comfort:
    The sofa set comes all wrapped-up in upholstery, which is soft and gives proper support to your back. It will keep your back intact when you want to sit and study something, or you want to watch an entire season on Netflix, you just have to lay down and relax.

sofa serves the primary purpose of creating a comfortable and convenient sitting or sleeping spot. Your online sofa set has the superpower to convert itself in anything you want, make it a table for playing cards or you can arrange a game night with your friends or have a get-together with your family, this cozy piece will solve all your needs and satiate all your requirements.

Does your sofas require much-needed warmth and calmness? Then, opt for the minimalist cushion covers. To give a softer and plushier feel, the covers of natural fabric, like cotton, are suitable. Also, the neutral colors provide a soothing look to interiors.

Wide Variety of Sofa Set with Price Range at WoodenStreet

Who doesn’t love shopping from the comfort of their sofa and that to at affordable prices? Of course all. Therefore, we have listed down our exquisite collection based on the sofa price range that you cannot ignore and are matching everyone’s budget.

  • Sofa Set Price Below 20,000

    Let’s give you varied options of best sofa designs and styles under the budget of Rs. 20,000. They are crafted with prime quality of wood and fabric to give comfortable lounging experience. Also, they are the cheap sofa sets to enhance the aesthetics of your interiors.

  • Sofa Price Below 40,000

    This is the mid-budget category of everyone that open up the enormous choices and options for you. We have enormous such as fabric ,recliners, lounge chairs etc. You can buy sofa set online available at great competitive rates.

  • Sofa Set Price Below 70,000

    If you have set your budget of best sofa price under Rs. 70,000, then this category is dedicated just for you. Based on the theme of your interiors, you can select the sofa sets accordingly and will surely uplifts the appeal of your home.

Fabric & Wooden Sofa Set Price List - Updated Oct 2021

Category Name Starting Price
Wooden Sofa Set Rs. 16,999
Fabric Sofas Rs. 19,989
L Shape Sofa Sets Rs. 34,989
Lounger Sofa Set Rs. 22,999
Sofa Cum Beds Rs. 9,989
Recliner Sofas Rs. 19,989

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the affordable and best online sofa set to buy in India?

A Corner Sofa or Sectional Sofa is the most affordable and the best online sofa set to buy in India. From our collection, you can go for Henry L shape Right Aligned Corner Sofa that showcases both functionality and an elegant look and is also available at good offers.

Which sofa is best for the living room?

For choosing the best sofa set for your living room, it is important to examine each and every detail of your room like size, style, colours, layout etc. to establish harmony. Suppose if you have limited space, you can go for L shaped sofa sets or if you want to classy yet luxurious look, you can go for wooden or leather sofa sets.

Which sofa is best wooden, leather or fabric?

Well, it completely depends upon your preferences and budget to pick one because the wooden, leather and fabric sofas have their own pros and cons. For example, fabric sofas are not too durable as compared to leatherette sofas and wooden sofas require more maintenance and care among three of the choices.

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buy sofa set price lowest in delhi
I bought the Alanis wooden sofa from Wooden Street. It is such a brilliant sofa that I will recommend it to everyone. It not just looks awesome but is also very comfortable to relax on.
Lokenath Power Kolkata View Product
wooden sofa set price lowest
The wooden texture of this sofa design is very impressive that all my guests got impressed. It is also quite comfortable, with premium quality.
Sireesh Vattikuti Hyderabad
buy sofa online india
Darwin 2 seater wooden sofa is very nice with the quality and pattern. I really liked what I received and the delivery was also on time. Very satisfied with the purchasing experience from wooden street.
Mrityunjay Pune
sofa set lowest price
I was looking for solid-wood furniture. So, I googled for this and came across multiple options but stuck on WS. There, I found Woodenstreet experience store in HSR. So, I ordered this but wanted some changes in the product so I chose the customisation service and they were able to do that for me.
Rajwansh Kaur Bangalore
cheapest sofa set online in chennai
The sofa is delivered in very good condition and the fabric colour is as per expectations. I liked it.
Narayanan M Adambakkam Chennai
sofa set price below 20000 in bangalore
This corner sofa looks fantastic and we got it well-packed and in good condition.
Sunanda S. S. Kalyan Nagar Bengaluru
sofa online in bangalore india
Nice looking furniture at affordable price. I'll recommend Wooden Street for all your furniture needs.
Nidhi Jain HSR Layout Bengaluru
sofa set designs with price in chennai
Bought this modern sofa along with a coffee table. I customised the fabric colour and it comes out quite beautifully. Thanks.
Toshi Agarwal Selaiyur Chennai
Sofa Set in Pune
The design of this sofa set is simple yet unique. It looks fabulous, exactly what is in pictures. Worth the money.
N. Kelkar Kharadi Pune
Latest Sofa in Chennai
There is no difference in the sofa set that I have seen in the store and which got delivered. We get what we see. Delivery and installation was outstanding. Pretty happy with the service that was provided.
Prabhu Kiran Anugari Thoraipakkam Chennai
Sofa Set Low Price
I paired two fabric sofas with a lounge chair and a coffee table. My living room is looking fabulous. Thanks a ton team.
Priya Roy Vasant Kunj Delhi
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