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Some imaginative and creative ways to decorate single beds for teenagers

  • 2016/10/20
  • 607
Some imaginative and creative ways to decorate single beds for teenagers

Placing a sturdy single bed in your child’s bedroom, can not suffice to enthrall the look of his room. The furniture alone, can never elevate the appeal of the aura and make it look personalized. There is a requirement of sprinkling some art and decor here and there around the room, so that the ambiance satiates the enthusiasm levels of your squad, as well as make the room look inviting and lively.

This situation compels some people to buy some extraordinary and creative art pieces and decorative, while the others find it an opportunity to showcase their creativity and bring out their imaginative self. So, in the latter case, we can assist you with certain super engaging art-attacks that you can do around your darling single bed to remove the boredom from your room:

1.String art the Headboard:

Dreamy rainbow colored threads used to do this string art can be a perfect thing to hand next to your single bed, so that it can raise the oomph of dreaming. You must take a white pin board, and pin the boundaries of the inspirational word, for example, Dream, Fly, Love, etc., neatly. Now you can start with the darkest shade thread and make criss-cross across the pins, filling the space between the boundaries of that word. This will look superb, and do not forget to keep changing the color tones in between.

Single Bed

2.Tie-dye the pillows:

To make the single bed look ace, bedding and pillows must look super attractive, because, after all, the major attraction is drawn by the bed itself. So, make colorful tie and dye pillow cover set, in a way, that represents your color creativity. That’s called as the personal touch.

3.Clothespin Round frame:

This can be a very budget-friendly art hack because all you need here are some colorful clothes pins, some beautiful Polaroid images of your good times and a cardboard. Simply cut the cardboard in a thick round frame shape and stick the effort section of the clothespin around its border. After all the surface is completely occupied,proceed, to pin the Polaroid images by pressing the effort part of the pin, to open the mouth that will be holding the picture. Stick or hang that art-piece on your headboard section of the single beds with the magical spree of memories.

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Another way to get a flashback of your good old days, just after looking at your wooden single bed is by making a photograph clock on the wall. Just bring out the 12 most happening pictures of yours, and stick them on the wall touching the headboard of the single bed design you own. You will stick them in a way like 12 hours are marked on the circular clock. Now place the dial in between and see the arms showing you the happy time forever.

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5.Flower-lights around the headboard and footboard:

Around the headboard and footboard of the latest single bed you own, you can hang the flower light and amplify the look of your room magnificently. We will use the muffins cover in making these flowers and its leaves. As soon as you finish the cutting part, cover the led with these flowers and then adorn the wire around your bed. See, you have a twinkling single bed!

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6.Stick Yarn art-letters on the wall:

Many people are super-obsessed with their name initials, which is good too. So., that obsession can be showcased by cutting the letter initial of your name out of the stiff cardboard. Then, you can cover it completely with the beautiful colored yarn and beautiful flowers. Thereafter, hang or stick that letter on the wall next to your single bed. You can also make words using multiple letters and make your room look astonishing.

All these ways are surely going top help you, but you can always add more of your personal modifications into these ideas and make the room more personalized. So, give your single bed a beautiful art-attack this Diwali!

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