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The Coffee You Drink Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

  • 2017/05/08
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The Coffee You Drink Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

The fascinating smell of coffee draws leaves a fanatic impression on most of us today. Undeniably, coffee has become an indispensable part of our lives. From a regular breakfast to a romantic date, coffee is something worth asking for. But, do you know the type of coffee you prefer tells a lot about your personality. Various researches have shown that there is a connection between mind and the type of choices we make, like our favourite colour. The type of coffee we choose to drink is a factor that imparts a lot about our personality.

1.The Espresso Lover:

If leading is your dominant character trait than probably espresso is your prime choice. You are not a lethargic kind of person and know how to achieve your goals. However, you are also moody sometimes.

2.The Double Espresso drinker:

If you prefer a double dose espresso, then you are more logical in your avoid pointless fights and stay away from senseless discussions. You are also a hard working person but a bit more precise and clear. You follow instructions very well and complete the task exactly in the way your boss wants.

3. The Latte wooer:

People who prefer latte are often deep thinkers. The over analysing habit usually leaves them in an indecisive state. They are comfort seekers and like to please other people.

4. The Cappuccino drinker:

The cappuccino people prefer a bit more sophisticated style. You are a creative and an honest person. You have excellent communal skills and hence have a lot of friends. But you tend to be oblivious sometimes.

5. The Frappuccino admirer:

You are the most adventurous among all. You are averse of schedules and like to be spontaneous. You like to live every moment. You are very happy and energetic by nature and create a positive vibe wherever you go.

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6.The Iced Coffee junkie: You are a highly opinionated person and love to express yourself. You like to stay away from drama and are not very much affected by changing situations. You have a strong control over your emotions.

7. The Black Coffee freak:

You are a straight- forward person and prefer to have a minimalistic lifestyle. You are quiet and are prone to mood swings.

8. Regular coffee with cream and sugar:

If you prefer to have a cup of coffee with regular cream and sugar than you tend to have a dual personality. You love to be organised but you often tend to lose yourself and go a little messy. But you are a balancer and perfectly manage the logical and creative side of your brain.

These were some common coffee types, the choice of which tells about an individual's personality. I hope many of you are apt in choosing your coffee, if not entirely accurate, a bit close to it. Well, wooden street has a reward for every personality. We offer you exclusively designed coffee tables for your favourite beverage which can also be customised as per your need. So enjoy your coffee on our chic coffee tables. You will get the latest designs on our website.

Happy shopping.

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