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The Great Combination of Aesthetic Appeal and High Strength - Indian Wood

  • 2015/07/22
  • 974
The Great Combination of Aesthetic Appeal and High Strength - Indian Wood

Wood has high tensile strength and excellent insulation qualities. Despite its light weight, it is an ideal construction material hence it is preferred by many. When it comes to the designing of interior and crafting of furniture, wood has ample possibility for creative patterns and designs.

There are hundreds and thousands of wood varieties that grow around the world, and each has different qualities and attributes. When choosing the wood type for your new furniture, it's essential to know the various features and characteristics of the various wood species. We at Wooden Street, provide the most popular and traditional types of wooden furniture. Here, we are listing three best type of Indian woods used to craft remarkable furniture:

  • Sheesham Wood (Rosewood): Sheesham is known for its appealing fragrance, durable features, and longevity. It has a good natural resistance and high crushing strength, so it offers good stability. It is available in a diversity of tones, from reddish-brown to golden-brown. Sheesham wood furniture is sturdy and durable hence it is perfect for crafting solid furniture like cabinets, bedroom furniture, wardrobes, etc.
  • Mango Wood: Mango wood is stable and long-lasting, its best feature is that it is highly water-resistant. It is termite protective wood and looks classic in its natural form so doesn't require much finishing. Mango wood has an attractive grain pattern as it incorporates various tones and colors. It is used to craft several kinds of living room and bedroom furniture, like beds, closets, nesting tables, bookshelves, etc.
  • Acacia Wood: Acacia wood is strong and durable, it is available in a variety of tones, from rich brown to rich bronze with close grains. It can be easily polished and stained because of this characteristic it is a perfect option for making embellishing furniture. Acacia is extensively used to craft furniture like chairs, tables, cabinets, lounge chairs, benches, etc.

Wood comes with the variety of textures, colours and grain patterns, you can choose the type of wood according to your test and preferences.

Furniture finishes

Finish is used to protect the wood as well as it is important to enhance the beauty and appeal of the furniture. A quality finish protects against stains, it prevents swelling and cracking and magnifies the appearance of the wood. Choosing a finish depends on two main factors: First how do you want the wood to appear? And second, how effective do you want the finished surface to be?

We at Wooden Street, provide the most demanding and amazing finishes. You can choose the type of finish according to the color and tone of your existing furniture or home decor.

How to take care of wooden furniture?

  • The great way to keep the shine of wooden furniture is to apply a thin coat of quality wax or polish on its surface. This care only needs to be done about twice a year.
  • Do not place a wooden furniture right next to the heating units. The high temperature could damage the furniture and cause the wood to dry, shrink or leaving cracks.
  • You can clean the wooden furniture with warm water and mild dish soap.
  • You can use a dry cloth to clean any dampness left from dusting with a wet rag.
  • Always try to protect your furniture from damage to maintain its beauty and elegance.

Wood is more valuable than any other material, it has become the most demanding material for crafting the furniture with its strength, durability and aesthetic appeal. A perfectly-crafted wooden furniture is an important part of your home, and with enough attention and care, it can last for generations.

We have an excellent collection of wooden furniture that are very adorable in escalating the beauty of your living area. Fill your home with the modern, contemporary and traditional style of wooden furniture offered by Wooden Street.

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