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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Choosing The Right Fabric Sofa Colour

  • 2017/10/23
  • 343
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Choosing The Right Fabric Sofa Colour

A sofa plays a vital role in setting the overall look of the room. While getting one, you have to consider a lot of things; the shape, material, size and comfort are the crucial factors that make a sofa perfect for your home. The colour of the fabric sofa set is an essential characteristic which sets the whole look. As multiple options are now available in fabric sofas online, you may get attracted to many alluring hues and patterns, but before selecting the colour scheme of your couch, take consideration of the following points:

1. Choose between the light and dark:

Deciding the shade becomes the most challenging part, especially when numerous options are present in the dark as well as light tones, yet there are several elements that you need to consider:

Flooring: The floor of the room is a significant factor to consider before getting the appropriate sofa. The dark shades might be your favourite, but they won’t blend with the dark flooring, as a pitch-dark colour tends to disappear on the darkened floor and will even make the room look dark.

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Rugs: Carpets and rugs are the elements that can cover the flaws of a dark flooring. A textured rug with a tan-coloured sofa makes the best combination.

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Pets: If your pet considers your sofa to be a bed, then going for the light shades is a big no-no. Staining and tear is a common challenge in a light shade sofa which would become more prominent if you have small kids or pets at home. So opt for dark tones.

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2. Know about the different colours:

Distinct colours leave a diversifying impact on the place. Every shade has its advantage. So, after deciding the tone, going for the right colour becomes essential.

Neutral colour: The neutral tones include beige, grey, cream and taupe. Sofas with these colours complement other adornments without any interruption. Also, these are quite easy to decorate. You can spread the colour around the room by adding props of similar colour.

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Floral texture: The modern fabric sofas with a floral texture successfully form the focal point of the room. Usually, you will see a white base on the floral printed sofas. You can complement these sofas with vibrant cushions or integrate one seater sofas to make your sofa set a centre of attraction.

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3. Determine the role of your sofa:

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Before getting one, figure out what your room interior demands. If you want it as an additional accessory, then going for neutral colours and plain textures is a feasible option. However, if you wish to make it a centrepiece, you can go for contrasting matches, dark hues or floral prints, whichever suits best for your interior.

4. Hit and try before the last word:

Whenever buying a new sofa, try getting the picture of the look by draping a sheet or blanket of similar colour that you wish to purchase on the existing sofa. This will give you an idea how the colour would look. This trick will help you to play with different colours before opting the best one.

So, before getting a fabric sofa set for your place, scrutinize the colour options available thoroughly. Consider the mentioned points and get the one with perfect colour. You can even get your couch customised by choosing the exclusive sofa fabrics online. At Wooden Street, you will get numerous colour options in a premium quality fabric. By shopping here, you will get a perfect hue and comfy seating. To renovate your home with an exclusive furniture unit, shop on Wooden Street.

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