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The Wicked Wizardry Of Wingback Chairs

  • 2018/02/06
  • 420
The Wicked Wizardry Of Wingback Chairs

Chairs have long been seats of power, testaments of human race’s insatiable quench for unyielding autocratic power and the petty wars they wage in order to achieve it. They can either be comfortable, or be the most sought-after yet extremely uninviting, like the Iron Throne, but does that make chairs unbecoming to us? Not at all. Like Ambrosia, or the forbidden fruit, their charm increases many-fold. But it is not that difficult to procure a chair, even for mere mortals like us.

The classic seats of power have been Wingback chairs, the undefeated champions of the comfort ring. A wingback chair, in its simplest form, is an easy chair that has had too much of a particular brand of energy drink and sprouted wings. Jokes aside, protection against the cold gusts of winter winds was the prime focus of the early manufacturers of the Wingback chairs. They weren’t even looking for bodily comforts because the initial chairs were barely upholstered. The chairs constituted of a wooden frame and a seat cushion. Their purpose was to trap the warmth of the fireplace and comfortably stow it in the body of the person using the chair.

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The wings of a wingback chair sometimes, but not necessarily, extend to the armrests of the chair. The visible wooden structure that the chairs boast of are found in the legs, that are carved or sleek, depending upon the design of the chair. But, the common denominator of all the wingback chairs is a high back. This chair started from the humble beginning of a rickety design and since then has evolved to see itself beautifully upholstered in fabric, leather and with the discovery of plush polymers, leatherette. Let us look at the beautiful designs that the modernity (approving nod to it) has brought to existence. Ah luxury! You queen of poor men!

The Flavours of a Wingback Chair

Placement of wingback chairs requires the cleverness of Hermione Granger. Not quite. Anywhere you aim to create a cosy space filled with warmth and intimacy, a wingback chair can be employed.

1. Roots in Traditions

The classic living room with a wingback chairs by the fireplace to defeat the drafts of cold winds.

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2. Coming up for air

The simple idea of placing a wingback chair by the side of the window for bathing in the summer breeze.

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Belle’s secret
The Wingback chairs create a reader’s paradise in the library. Indulge in your fantasies, escape in the world of your imaginations.

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3. Discerning palate

Wingback chairs look absolutely delectable in a dining table. They make for amazing end-tables or sophisticated intimate corners

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4. Crazy Comfy Corners

Wingback chairs put the ‘C’ in comfort and cosiness. Intimate corners are created by using wingback chairs in a creative fashion.


The Essence of a Wingback Chair

Egg Chairs

The most modern of the chair designs is that of a chair that looks like a broken eggshell, inspired from our wingback chair. You can feel the comfort of the unhatched hatchling.



Wingback Recliners

These recliners or as you know them, Joey’s chair- Rosita, are amazing extensions of wingback chairs.


Wingback headboards


The beds are not much farther in the race of beautiful adaptations. The upholstered beds celebrate the innovative design in their own style.


Wingback Chaise Lounge


Talks of comfort and chaise lounge not making the cut? Impossible as human existence without oxygen. Chaise Lounges have delved deeper into the recesses of comfort and organically accommodated the wingback design within their framework.


Ingenuity has its own ways of escaping and influencing others around itself. When it comes to furniture, nothing is old, new, in or out of fashion. You just need to know how to use it well. We hope you got a glance of few out of many ways wingback chairs have influenced the interiors as we know them.

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