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Thing That You Need To Know Before Buying Double Beds For Your Home

  • 2016/12/06
  • 326
Thing That You Need To Know Before Buying Double Beds For Your Home

On an average every human being spends about one-third of his life in his bed
Yes, this is very much true. So now comes the question…
Since you spend so much time in your bed, don’t you think you should choose your bed with care?

A bed, when chosen right, can help you have a good sleep. You feel refreshed the next day… ready to work with a fresh perspective… empowered to face the challenges life throws upon you.

That’s how important it is to choose the right bed
Double beds are among the most popular types of beds that are sold year after year.
When we choose to buy double bed online, we always consider money as the deciding factor. The result is usually a back ache, a muscular pain or a head ache in the long run. It makes sense to save up some money for a quality bed that is durable and ensures good sleep.

double beds online

Double beds are available in different bed frames. Knowing these can help you take a wise decision. Here is a sneak peek into the different bases of double beds:

1. Divan Base
This is among the most common choice people make when it comes to double bed. Some have tailored castor wheels for improved mobility while others come with upholstered feet with storage space underneath. In this category you can find both double bed with storage and double bed without storage. Divans come in two types:
Sprung divans: These divans come with springs that are mounted on to the frame. These springs act as shock absorbents and are considered luxurious.
Solid divan tops: These divans come with a firm bed top and are much cheaper than sprung divans. However, the amount of comfort they offer is also lesser.

2. Slatted Base
Double beds with slatted bases can be either rigid or flexible. If you want a flexible one, you can go for one that is made from softwood. You can choose your level of flexibility according to your choice. Whichever slatted base you choose for your double bed, make sure the gap that exists between the two slats is not more than 9 or 10 cms.

3. Bedsteads
These are modern and stylish looking frames that can be found in wood or metal. They come firm-based or spring-based. Make sure you measure the dimensions properly before you order a mattress for such a bed.

wooden double beds with storage

4. Beds with Adjustable frames
If you are looking for a double bed which feels comfortable while sitting, reclining or sleeping, you should go for one that comes with an adjustable frame. Such a bed reclines easily from 90 to 180 degrees. It is a multi-functional bed which even comes with a massage feature. Being completely upholstered, these beds are operated electrically. However, they do not cause any harm to your body.

5. Double beds with head-boards
While looking online for “wooden double beds India,” you will find many bed frames that come with an upholstered head rest attached. You can even choose the upholstery to match your room décor. Such a bed can create an excellent focal point in your bedroom.

6. Bunk Beds
Bunk beds are a great hit with children as they can sleep with their siblings, without actually sharing their bed. It can also save a lot of floor space that can make an excellent play area.

Now that you are aware of the different kinds of bed frames, measure the kind of space you have in your room, assess your comfort needs and get ready to buy double bed online.
Happy shopping!

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