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Things that you need to know before buying a Corner Sofa For your Living room

  • 2017/02/08
  • 386
Things that you need to know before buying a Corner Sofa For your Living room

A well designed and decorated home is the desire of every homeowner. From entertaining guest to just creating a beautiful ambience in the room, the decor of the room is a must. And for this corner sofa is the classic piece of furniture to add in the room as they provide style and comfort along with space.

The L-shaped sofas as the name implies are the kind of sofas that will be able to fit in the unused space or corners of the room. Thus they can be the blessings in disguise as they tie together what would be otherwise two pieces of furniture. They are perfect for families that have kids too, as they provide enough floor space which can be a saver when it comes to playing time. But the problem is that buying a corner sofa set requires a lot of thought than the purchase of a traditional sofa, so here's what you should be considering.

1. Floor Plan: The first step in finding and buying an L-shaped sofa for the room is to determine the length, height and width of the space designated for the sofa. It should be planned before to avoid buying a sofa that is too big for space.

l shape corner sofa furniture designs

2. Known the difference between Left and Right Corner Sofas: Even though L-shaped sofa sets are family-friendly but it is the bit confusing when its comes to left and right side corner sofas. Right arm corner sofa means that when you are facing the sofa, the arm is on your right and for Left arm facing, the arm is on your left. Here is a simple tip to avoid such confusion is by just stand facing the inside corner of your measuring tape outline. Thus the left side is now on your left, and the right is to your right.

3. Frames: Frames of L shaped sofas are very important when it comes to decor the interior design of the house. Frames are made up from varieties of material like wood, metal, plastic, etc. thus each frame has a different impact on the strength and durability of the sofa. So choosing a perfect and stronger frame is the key to buying a more durable and stylish L shaped sofa.

4. Material: Choosing fabric for corner sofa can be a daunting task as they come in varieties of materials and style. Families with children and pets should choose a hard wearing material like leather or cord fabric because they are easy to clean and can fit in both traditional and modern style rooms. You can also prefer a combination of cotton and polyester fabric because they are machine washable and provide the room with a light texture.

l shaped corner sofa furniture ideas

5. Colour: Corner sofa sets are available in a wide range of colours and patterns so choosing a perfect sofa that matches with the interior is quite a tough task. You can go for neutral colours such as grey or beige as they complement most colour scheme. Bright coloured sofa set act as a centrepiece of the room. If your room has already so many colours including furniture, then try to choose sofas that have natural colours or finish on it.

6. Look for the type of corner sofa: Modern corner sofas are available in different types. Some are multifunctional, and some provide footrest. Like corner sofa cum bed are ideal for small apartments as they have a bottom section on sliders that easily and quickly pulls out to create a double bed. While Recliner corner sofas that have one or more sections that can be easily folded out to form a reclining chair. Sectional corner sofas are easier to transport and can be easily drive through small doorways and staircases.

Buying any furniture of the room is a significant investment, but a worthwhile one.Corner sofas are the space-efficient furniture pieces that help create an elegant environment in the room. From choosing a right size sofa to choosing a good fabric, you have to think a lot and make decisions before settling on the corner sofa. So take time and look around before purchasing a corner sofa for your living room.

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