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This Independence day strengthen your home with sturdy furniture products

  • 2016/08/12
  • 508
This Independence day strengthen your home with sturdy furniture products

Independence day is the day of celebration for the entire nation. This is the day when the spirits of patriotism are the highest. Have you ever thought, why we feel so much offended when anywhere around the whole world, anybody, speaks something against the dignity of our Nation? Why, do we get those goosebumps, when we hear or sing our National Anthem? All this is because we love our country. We owe our lives to this land. But with the passage of time, people forget the importance of this day and the sacrifice of those freedom fighters, who lost their lives so that we breathe in free India.

To many, Independence day is a National Holiday when they do not have to go to the college, office or schools. There is no one day to celebrate freedom, in fact, we have to thank those freedom fighters who gifted us this free nation, every day. Let us love the people of our nation each day, and not just pledge for the sake of saying, in fact, let there be unity and let there be peace.

So, this Independence day, just try to bring in the essence of those fearless and strong freedom fighters, inside your home, in the form of Furniture products. Although this is imagination, just to make your home in the theme of Independence day, here are some fun furniture comparisons with the fire spirits of our nation:

1. Lounge Chairs with the essence of Bahadur Shah Zafur's Novelty

This last Mughal Emperor of India gave his all to get India free from the slavery of The East India Company. He and his sons fought fearlessly for India and even before dying, he did not let his esteem fall, instead happily sacrificed his life for India. The Lounge Chairs will give you the feel of that Emperor, and will match your comfort needs for years, just like a hero. And the look of this chair is majestic in every which way.

Collection of Lounge Chairs

2. Study Table with the essence of Sarojini Naidu’s intellectual

‘Words are mightier than a sword’ was proved by this Nightingale of South. She had faith in her education and thought only educated men and women could make a society strong enough to combat the evil powers of the British. Her powerful words evoked the readers and encouraged them to fight against the tormentors. All her struggle for freedom was supported by a strong study table. So, bring your study table, and start writing your thoughts to enlighten the people against social evils practiced in the present day.

Unique Study tables

3. Dining Table with the essence of Bose’s Strength

Just like ‘Netaji’ had superb leader qualities and stood out of the crowd to raise his voice against the injustice, a dining table too, stands out from the other furniture items and dictates the look of your dining room. He gave the slogan ‘Jai Hind’ and was fearless and strong. This is exactly how our dining table bears all the family’s happiness atop itself so firmly so that you are happy forever.

4. Queen size bed with the essence of Lakshmi Bai’s femininity

She is the example of how powerful a woman can be, to protect her dignity and esteem. She had taught the masses, and inspired all the men and women, to fight till your last breath. She had a motto ’What is to give light, must endure burning’. This is how majestic a queen size bed is. It keeps bearing you all night so that you can sleep peacefully and comfortably. Both of them are queens but are not weak.

Queen size beds in Banglore

5. Bookshelves with the essence of Sardar Patel’s rationalism

A stoic leader of Indian National Congress, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was the hero not because of violence, but he paid attention to impeding the British with the help of Brain power and not muscle power. His intellectual skills and vision came as a result of the knowledge he got from reading. So, bringing a bookshelf inside our homes can help our family to get enlightened about the past and broaden their knowledge. So that, if in future, somebody tries to devoid us of our rights, we are well read enough to stand for our self.

buy Bookshleves online in india

So, let us thank our nation that has given us freedom and to his heroes that are fighting on the border to protect Mother India, for each safe day we live. Jai Hind!!

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