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Tips To Stay On Your Interior Resolutions in 2018

  • 2018/01/04
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Tips To Stay On Your Interior Resolutions in 2018

A New Year marks not just a change in the date, but also somehow creates a seismic shift in your perspective and attitude towards life. The first few months, laden with optimism and sudden forward thinking, are perhaps the best times to resolve for a change towards the betterment in the quality of your life. Your surroundings- the places and the people, both, have a powerful impact on the way you make your decisions and whether or not you are going to stick to them.
While the choice of deciding whom to keep closer is entirely yours, we can help with what to keep closer. We have come up with some brilliant ideas that will help you prolong the stay of the January-inspired positivity.

Read to find out what new you can do with your interiors this New Year and how to keep all those energetic resolutions you swore you’re going to fulfil this year.


Make a proper plan, complete with how you’re going to execute it and when. Everything needs to be written down, and not on your arms like Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Use your phone, check your calendar. After every month or a fortnight, save a weekend when you can bring a fraction of the change you’ve been wanting to see in your interiors.

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Set aside some time this coming weekend and make a list of ‘Things I want in my home’, and set monthly or bimonthly reminders on your extremely smart and well-educated phone. Need to buy new paintings for living room? Schedule it. Want a Chaise Lounge? Goes next on your list.

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It is amazing what a balanced and blending interior style can do to your home. The primary concern of any interior designing project is space management and a heightened visual appeal of the space. Interior Designers have neat tricks up their sleeves for this. For instance, they create illusion of more space by painting the wall the same colour as the furniture in front of it. The flow of colour, from the walls to the furniture, can make your space look airy. Do not clutter your space. This year let ‘tasteful’ less be more.

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There’s something extremely enticing and exhilarating in the interiors that acknowledge and embrace your eccentricity. Welcome all those bold colours that you’ve been secretly hoping to see in your interiors.

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Let out the bubble gum pink and the contrasting violet, or the fierce red and jet-black combination, as their blend for your interiors will work wonders and appeal to you a lot. Let your interiors display your bold choices in their colours and art pieces that make no sense to anyone but you. This is your year only when it is your home.

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Amidst a lot of New Year resolutions, resolve for something that is important. Be more aware of environmentally responsible furniture and also of the building material, if you are in that phase of making your home.

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You might think that this is a hassle and you might have to remodel your entire interior structure for this one resolution. Not at all. Interiors that are designed for energy efficiency, emphasising on water conservation, low environmental impact and waste reduction are sustainable interiors. In the long run, it not only saves you money but also extends your contribution in saving the planet.

Exercise strict control and limit the amount of waste you generate, as you decorate your home and offices. The internet is full of ideas on DIY projects that may help you with this.

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Create a gallery wall. Gallery walls really do look as awesome as they do in movies and glazing magazines. In this world and age, where everything you do is followed by ‘#But First Let Me Take a Selfie’, we know you’ve got a lot of good pictures on your phone.

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Pictures of you with your favourite people, at your favourite places and of the beautiful places you’ve been to, of favourite food and beverages- are all there in your phone and computers. Shortlist the best pictures and get them framed.

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Beware! Don’t create a shrine. This wall should only have happy pictures, for we’re trying to keep the positivity flowing here, people! You can even play with posters and pop-culture arts to bring a dramatic effect. Arrange these frames in a random collage and see the magic of the memories of happier times.

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A new year may not essentially be a new beginning, but you can certainly change that. Decide and be the change-maker of your interiors and your life.

We hope you liked our ideas. Share your opinions and ideas with all of us here at Wooden Street.

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