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Top 10 products to clear at our Clearance Sale 2018

  • 2018/02/17
  • 279
Top 10 products to clear at our Clearance Sale 2018

Who doesn’t love great interiors? Are you looking for an opportunity to lay your hands on the best of furniture to embellish your interiors with? They say opportunities never knock at your doors but this time the opportunity has come all the way to ring your doorbell indeed. As the fiscal year comes to an end, Wooden Street has opened channels to its wooden craft vaults and brought its most novel of all the products at its Clearance Sale. These ready to ship products, will lighten up your home with their easy elegance.

Pick your favourites before it’s too late!

1. Entryway Essentials:

a. Floreta Footwear storage: Everything about shoes

This shoe rack has everything that you need, a drawer to store your shoe laces and socks, two compartments to house your party-wears and occasional shoes, another compartment to house your daily wears, with lattices to dry and remove sweat stench and a seat to hop on and tie your shoes.

2. Living room luxuries:

a. Angela 3 Seater Sofa: Western Eloquence

This simple yet elegant sofa will make your living room a charming space to hang out at. With the glorious inspirations from English culture, this sofa is a lovely addition to any living room.


b. Reid Coffee Table: Basics Redefined

This beautiful coffee table can beat boredom out of bushes. The stools will add to your seating space and their colour will infuse life in your living room. Go on, buy this product before it’s all sold out and the Open sign of the clearance sale turns to Close.


c. Angelica Divan: Oriental Mystery

You can add spice to your living room interiors with this beautiful product that adds a touch of glory and give it the feel of summer stories of Kings and Queens to your home.


d. Feltro Sofa Cum Bed: Warrior of Space

If you’ve been striving for space, nothing beats a sofa-cum-bed. Feltro is our top seller and for good reason. The arm rest has a flap that you can open to keep your tea or other assortments while the side pockets can be used to hold your magazines and other subscriptions. It’s your one-stop relaxation spot.


3. Dining Room Delicacies:

a. Cohoon 4 Seater Dining Set: Dining Luxuries

Cohoon is our favourite dining set from the product gallery of Wooden Street. This compact dining table saves space and still looks perfect and stylish in your dining room. Something of an instant attention grabber, you cannot miss on this perfect dining set.


b. Auric Bar Cabinet: Game on Point.

Certain things make your dining area complete, a bar cabinet is one of them. With its faceted design it looks beautiful when paired with Cohoon Dining Set. And you cannot say no to the beauty of this amazing piece anyway. Imagine the impression it will make when you pop a bottle of champagne after retrieving it from this lovely bar cabinet.


4. Study Room Necessities:

a. Jerold Computer Table: Serving Purposes.

A computer table that can serve as a study table as well as hold all your important documents in one place is what initiates the designing of a study. Coupled with compartments, and enough sectional space to help you keep a desktop, or even a laptop, nothing really beats the functionality of Jerold. Grab this beauty before it slips right out of your hands.


b. Cambrey Chest of Drawers: Storing Everything

The study has small scale things to a maximum. A chest of drawers to house those products is the perfect solution for your clutter-free home. Cambrey does this in style and more, always helping you in organising your stuff in a neat way.


5. Sleeping comforts: Bedroom must-have’s

Adolph Bed with Adolph Bedside Tables

This beautiful bed is perfection incarnate. The intricate designs, characteristic of the Adolph Family of Furniture Units, will entice you with its grand structure. When paired with the Adolph bedside tables, it brings an opulence in your bedroom which is second to none. Not only do the bedside tables match perfectly with the design of the bed, but they also provide the necessary extension to keep your bedside belongings close to you, including your addiction-enabler smartphone. This is a set that will definitely redefine the standards of your bedroom, pumping them to the next level.


We hope you enjoyed our selection of products, and that you will give them a new home this Clearance Sale. Stay tuned for updates and more products designed to give your home a fresh new look. Do share your experiences and ideas with us.

Happy Shopping!

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