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Trend-Setting Sofas: A Journey From 2017 To 2018

  • 2017/12/14
  • 1035
Trend-Setting Sofas: A Journey From 2017 To 2018

To call 2017 the year of trends would be no hyperbole. The colours, fabrics and designs of the world of furniture underwent an apocalyptic shift, bound to progress with the advent of 2018. Wooden Street lists the top trends of 2017 in the most commonly sought-after furniture, moving over to the possible trends of 2018.

Let us start with perhaps the most in-demand piece of furniture- The Sofa. 2017 renewed the definition of comfortable furniture, with the keyword being space saving. Space is every consumer’s premium concern when it comes to furniture. Furniture that are more creative and functional, scaled to space or custom-designed specifically to fit your abode are in since 2017, and are expected to stay.

Read to find out what you liked the most this 2017 and what we did.


Trending Fabric: Velvet.

Velvet is the epitome of luxury, overstated glamour and class. The tangible and plush feel that velvets generate, all the while ageing handsomely, made it a popular trend of 2017.

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Trending Colours: Pastels

The minimalist approach to designing interiors led to taking off of the trend of embellishing interiors with pastel colours and wooden tones. The combination of which works wonders as it infuses warmth into your ambience.

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Trending Prints: Patterns and Stripes.

Geometrical equilibrium soothes the mind and has a rich effect in livening up your interiors. Patterned sofas have been gaining popularity since past few years. 2017 transformed the home and hearth of interiors with chippy prints.

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Wooden Streets scoured its catalogues and sales reports to check what you liked the most from our collection this year. On a generalised front, the sofas which are easier to maintain, aesthetically pleasing and geometrically balanced in their looks appeal more to you. This is natural because such sofas are bound to stay in trend, whatever be the trend.

1. Winster Wooden Sofa

Winster, with its laid-back looks, is a handsome addition to your living room. The comfort is at its zenith with this beautiful sofa that has side pockets for safekeeping your coffee table books, tabloids and magazines. The magnificence of owning this sofa speaks for itself and it comes as no surprise that it tops our charts.

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2. Hizen Wooden Sofaproudly stands second on the charts because of its simplistic yet stylish looks. The bars on the side of the sofa, provide it strength and renovate the character of your living room.

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3. Following the Hizen, Marriott Wooden Sofa is your third most favoured piece from our catalogues. And why not, when a wooden sofa comes in-built with side pockets to slip your favourite magazines and books into?

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The ever-expanding catalogue of Wooden Street welcomed newer designs in 2017, some of which stole the hearts of our experts. We consulted them and asked them to vote their top favourites. Though each design is superior to the others, in one way or the other, we were able to shortlist the Sofa coveted the most by our experts.

Our experts voted Wendel Wooden Sofa for its aesthetically pleasing looks and multi-utilitarian design. The appeal of Wendel lies in the fact that it culminates your favoured designs. With its neat geometric design, side brackets that can hold both magazines and books, coupled with storage under the seat, Wendel Wooden Sofa is, without any doubt, worth every penny.

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Wendel, interestingly tied with Lannister Wooden Sofa for the top position. Lannister has those contemporary looks we want our furniture to embrace. With cavities in the side to hold books in an interesting, innovative fashion, Lannister beheads every other sofa on the list. The plump cushioning, beatific, geometric designing to balance the sofa puts Lannister far ahead.

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Trends in designs:

The trend of sofa is expected to evolve in 2018 with scales tipping towards comfortable, plump and low-seating couches.

As a new trend, Bouillon fringing at the bottom of the sofa is expected to make an about turn this 2018. This creates a lavish and luxurious look in your interiors.


Trends in colours:

Warm earthly colours will rise this year. Tones of sienna, beige, rust and terracotta are all set to cover your walls, furniture and décor.


We hope you keep up with the trends of interiors as much as we do, and that fresh trends inspire you to decorate your home into a more inviting sphere.

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