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The tricks to help you paint and renovate your kitchen cabinets

  • 2016/08/31
  • 746
The tricks to help you paint and renovate your kitchen cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are trending because they define the beauty of our kitchens, by handling all the kitchen utensils, linens, chinaware and what not in such an organized way. But, over a period, we see almost every furniture item losing its glint. How do we to solve this issue? We either get the furniture replaced or try to get it painted or renovate it in such a way that it get its life back.

But most of us, do either of these two options mostly with the furniture that lies in the living room or bedrooms, etc. Perhaps, now it is the time to muster up the courage and transform the kitchen cabinets we have, by adding some lovely coats of funky colors. Read the following tips to make it all an easy task to accomplish:

1.Dismantle the doors and organize their respective hardware

The first step to start with would be separating the doors of the cabinets, after removing the hardware attached to each door. Make sure you keep the nails and hinges of each cabinet door separately in the poly bag, with their position or name marked with the permanent marker. This will help in faster fixing back of the doors to the cabinet after the painting is done.

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2.Clean the surface

Front, back, up, bases or side, try to clean all the doors completely with the help of a good de-greaser. This will make the surface smooth and will remove the dust, making the process a little easier. If you want to get rid of the dust well, then you can also use the sandpaper for the same.

3.Say hi to the primer

If you want your cabinet doors to wear the color for a longer duration of time, and you want the color to adhere better to the doors surface, then you have to use primer coatings before you paint them. When you properly apply the first coat of primer on the well-dusted doors of your cabinet, you might see the doors going white in color. But that is fine, do not worry and just apply another coat of the same primer on the doors. Now, they are ready to take the color!

4.Tape it all up

The most tedious and yet an important step is applying cello tape on the parts of the kitchen cabinet that you do not want to get colored. Apply a tight and a good quality tape, so that no absorption of color on the designer wall or the kitchen floor or any other surface in direct contact. That is all about the safety. You can also keep hand wipes to clean the unwanted dripping of the paint.

5.Brush and roll the paint

Very carefully, move the paintbrush back and forth so that nor impressions of drip marks are left. Make sure you do not take too much paint at a go because that will make it all the more clumsy. After the brushing is done, use the roller to smoothen the look and make it look even more adorable. Elevate the door you are painting at some degrees so that all the edges and bases are painted well too. You can, if you wish to, use the latex or oil paint to give that shine to the cabinet doors.

6.Take care of the paint tray and brushes

You can make a layer of aluminum foil, over the paint tray, so that you can use the same tray for many colors. And immediately wash the brushed and freeze them so that they can be used in the long run.

7.Let it dry and re-assemble

All this can be tiring and time-consuming, but upon seeing the beautiful doors have absorbed the colors, you will pat your back all yourself. So, let it dry properly and the use those hardware bags and re-assemble the doors respectively into the cabinets.

There! You have brought life back to your kitchen cabinets!

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