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Tug of war between leather and a fabric lounge chair

  • 2016/07/15
  • 593
Tug of war between leather and a fabric lounge chair

If you love to sprawl and read or watch TV or take a nap, then no furniture item can beat the greatness of having a Lounge chair. Irrespective of wherever you place this piece of furniture, it never fails to render the comfort it is supposed to give. Nowadays, the lounge chair is kept indoors to relax and read on it or to use it as a daybed. They are also kept outdoors sometimes, in the patio of our homes, to take the sunbath.
It is that furniture that gives you the utmost relaxation and promises to take all your fatigue away. But it becomes very difficult to decide about which one should you choose for your home, whether it should be a leather lounge chair or the fabric one would be fine? So, to clear the picture of your going-to-be-lounge chair, check out the major advantages and disadvantages of owning leather or a fabric lounge chair:

Leather Lounge Chair:


  1. The biggest perk of owning a leatherette lounge chair will be that it will never, ever hold any stain forever. It is super easy to clean, because all you need is, to take a damp cloth and wipe it off. If you want to maintain the shine on the surface, use the recommended conditioner and with it, clean the surface.
  2. Since it would be unethical as well as extremely costly to buy lounge chairs online made up of the original animal hide, so you can go for a high-quality faux leather that can last long as well as softens with the time, to add extra comfort.
  3. A leatherette lounge chair would be the most timeless and contemporary addition to your room decor. It never goes out of trend.

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  1. A leather surface can be warm and sweaty during the summer days, which eventually negates the comfort promised by the lounge chair. Also, it can be very chilly in winters.
  2. Although you get a color palette of all the sophisticated beige colors to choose for your leather sofa, there is only a very little variety. Especially, if you want to enliven your living room, theses fail to do so.
  3. You should opt for leather only and only if you have a heavy pocket because it is very costly and also, many time, due to friction, the stretches on the surface are shown, which can not be undone.


Fabric Lounge Chair:

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  1. Whatever design you have in your mind, can be used on the fabric to make a beautiful and fashionable fabric lounge chair. There is a huge variety of all the trendy prints and embroideries that can boost the aesthetics of your home.
  2. It is significantly less costly than the leather and a budget friendly option, with the additional advantage that you can anytime get the lounge re-upholstered, as per your need, very feasibly.
  3. You can also get the washable fabric to cover your lounge chairs and make your room look chic like with the wide variety of designs.

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  1. If something sharp gets caught inside the fabric or your pets try to claw the fabric, it can get torn apart very easily.
  2. Fabrics are very good at taking up stains forever, which make it really difficult to clean it. Thus, hampering the beauty of your room.
  3. Some patterns are fashionable today, but some years down the lane, when fashion changes, you need to get the fabric re-upholstered as well. It can go out of fashion any time because they are not as timeless as leather.
  4. All the dirt and sweating can be absorbed by this material, making it look ugly after a period of years.

After knowing the basic plus and minus points of owning different materials, you can now clearly decide what material would be better for your lounge chair.

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