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Unusual Furniture for Newly Weds

  • 2017/12/02
  • 189
Unusual Furniture for Newly Weds

This Wedding Season, are you one of those lucky ones starting the new chapter of your life? Indeed, finding that one person who understands you, and gives you the freedom to be yourself without any pretense is nothing short of a boon. This person, who is your counterpart, who champions you to be better and criticizes you to be best, definitely deserves all the comfort and happiness in the world. Won’t you agree?

We understand what a havoc the preparation for weddings wreathes upon your schedule. And so, even while you want to plan your life ahead, achieving shorter goals every day with the preparations until the wedding day, keeps you satiated.

Rekindle the romance every single day, after the wedding, by investing in furniture whose sole job is to lend intimacy to you and your partner.

With Wooden Street presenting ‘The Grand Wedding Furniture Sale’, you have an opportunity to hoard all the niceties for yourself.

Read to find out where to start.

1. Light up your balcony

Buy Rocking Chair Online in India

The exhaustion of the day wears off with the company of your loved one. Bring a cup of coffee for the two of you and talk about your day. A good communication indeed is the key to a good relationship. Sit on a stool as you let your partner relieve their stress on a rocking chair placed in your balcony. Create a cozy space for yourself, to sit and talk through the night as you stargaze together.

We Suggest: Ferano Easy Chair paired with Nigel Stool that will serve the twin purpose being a seat or a foot stool in case one of those ‘sit back and relax’ mood strikes.

2. Watch Movies Like Never Before

Buy Fabric Sofa Online in Bangalore

Movies like Sweet November, The Vow, Breakfast at Tiffany’s are all the more endearing, entertaining and fun, if watched together. Dim the lights, carry an afghan, grab two glasses of wine, huddle together on a love seat and turn on the movie.

We Suggest: Use Pearson Two-Seater Sofa or Solace Two-Seater Sofa to create a warm and loving ambience.

3. Divine Dining

Buy 2 seater Dining Set Online in Chennai

Bring home the wining and dining experience. Set up a formal date, light aroma candles, place flowers and buy a small gift- even if it’s a card or a stress ball. You’ll end up reminiscing gestures as these all through your life. Cook and eat together.

We Suggest: Create a personalized space for this purpose, preferably, by the side of a window where you two can have intimate dinners. Benz Wall Mount Foldable Table is a convenient solution for this. It occupies the space of all but two chairs, as the table is foldable.

4. Get Reintroduced with Nature

Buy Wooden Swing Online in India

Doing things together builds up a sense of comfort, dependency and trust that helps the two of you to connect. It’s imperative that you find time to do leisurely things, like sipping up the evening tea on a swing on a Sunday evening, together. Reconnect yourselves with nature, as you munch goodies and talk through the evening. Install a garden swing and let the rhythmic motion of the swing settle you into a peaceful slumber in your partner’s lap.

We Suggest: Dodge Wooden Swing Chair for you to dodge your troubles and have a relaxed evening together.

While we appreciate the fact that nothing is needed if you two have got the sync, we insist upon methods to accelerate the said ‘sync’. For this, you have to create specialized corners in your house that mean something more to you two. Spaces, that remain special, induce memories of happier times in the past with a promise of a happier time in the future, and are guaranteed to keep your marriage in the early ‘rosy phase’ forever.

Let us know how you implemented our ideas.

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