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Variants Of Fabrics To Choose From While Buying Fabric Sofa Sets!

  • 2016/06/29
  • 721
Variants Of Fabrics To Choose From While Buying Fabric Sofa Sets!

The fabric of the sofa one buys will tend to depend on upon various aspects. The upholstery of the couch you buy should match compliment the decor and the frequency of use. If the sofa you buy is intended for everyday use, then it should be covered with durable fabric while, sofas bought for formal sitting rooms can be bargained with looks. Every fabric has its own characteristics, some look appealing because f the prints and patterns they possess while some are easy to clean. The living standard of people according to their age should also be taken into consideration. For an instance, an elderly couple with grown up children and no pets will have different needs than a younger couple with infants and pets. If bought for an elderly couple, then silk might be the right option, but if the same material is preferred by people having toddlers in their home, then it will inevitably get ruined. While you plan to buy a fabric sofa, you must have a detailed knowledge of all the pros and cons of bringing home each fabric and then according to your living environment, you can choose one!

fabric sofas for plush interiors


Being one of the most popular types of materials that are used to craft a fabric sofa, leather is the most durable and strong material that tends to develop over time. With the passage of days, it becomes more and more comfortable. No matter your dogs lie on your sofa for the entire day or your young children frequently spill drinks and eatables on it, leather sofas are very easy to clean. Nonetheless, leather can stand well when they come in contact with sharp objects. Also, they are not suitable to extreme climatic conditions. They get hot and sticky in summer while, cold in winters.

leatherette fabric sofa for royal look


Cotton is a fabric that can’t resist stains and is not as durable as synthetic fibers. Cotton can be prone to wrinkle and damage depending upon how tightly they are woven. The tighter the weave, stronger the fabric. This fabric is generally preferred where the frequency of use is less. Undoubtedly cotton looks good in every decor but, it is prone to frequent wear and tear and trap the dirt in the fabric.


Nylon is the fiber that can’t be used solo, it is usually blended with other fibers so that it can be one of the strongest fibers. Nylon helps to eliminate crushing of napped fabrics like velvet because it is the most resilient fabric. Although it tends to fade with time but, it doesn’t soil or wrinkle.

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It is the very fine polyester that is durable enough, along with providing the ease and comfort that a person desires. A sofa upholstered in microfiber is easy to clean and comparatively reasonable. The fibers of it are woven extremely close which does not allow dust particles to clutter or pet hair to stick to it.
So, know about all the types of fabrics that are used to craft a fabric sofa set because the sofa is the most important piece of furniture for home. Make your investment worthwhile!

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