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Wall Shelves In Indore

Creativity comes from an aura and wall shelves gives that creativity a base to showcase your artistic side.

We at Wooden Street have wall shelves in Indore collection that are with so many different designs to choose from. There are many contemporary wall shelves designs that look fashionable and trendy for present-day decor.

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Wall Shelves in Indore: A Hub Full of Heart-Warming Designs

Those who have the knack of creativity in their home know the true worth of wall shelves. Wall shelves today are not just flat shelves, but these are among the most designer furniture with art-making. The ultimate use of geometry and a creative mind can make wall shelves even more stunning.

Wooden Street has, therefore, commenced a range of solid wood wall shelves in Indore collection. This wall shelf collection has a diverse range of shelves in it with so many amazing designs. Mixed category with solid capaciousness makes all the shelves eye-catching.

Some of such design ideas of wall shelves are mentioned below.

Wide List of Designs in Wall Shelves Collection of Wooden Street

Wall shelves are manufactured in such a way that ensures the furniture is utmost spacious while its appeal is always commendable. Some of such epitomes of designer wall shelves are mentioned right below:

  1. Designer Unit with Various Sizes of Shelves

    Many of the wall shelves are made with such amazing designs that it speaks for itself. While the assortment of different shelves together makes it more commendable.

    Just like Wooden Street has Beckett wall shelf in the Indore collection. This is a vertical wall shelf in the shape of a hut with shelves that are of different sizes. It gives an attractive display with its designer appeal.

  2. Symmetry of Shelves

    Some wall shelves are made with shelves of equal sizes and are in symmetry. But what makes it more captivating is how the unit has been arranged.

    For instance, there is Cascade wall shelf in Indore collection of Wooden Street. This wall shelf is framed with curvy patterns at the sides that make the unit extremely stylish.

  3. Shelves with Drawers

    The storage feature of wall shelves makes it furniture that is serviceable too along with a stupendous display.

    Consider the example of Darcia wall shelf at Indore collection of Wooden Street. This wall shelf has drawers along with shelves that give dual feature in one furniture.

  4. A Panel Full of Shelves

    It is a stylish way to showcase the decorates when there is a wall shelf with a background that is completely devoted to the shelves.

    Just like Baize wall mounted shelf in Indore hub of Wooden Street. It is a tall vertical panel that is with embossed shelves on it. This gives a panel full of shelves for an eye-catching display.

  5. Holders on the Wall

    Unlike any other wall shelf, this wall shelf design is with all the holders that add more functionality to the wall.

    Consider the example of Brooch wall shelf in Indore collection of Wooden Street. It has a vase holder, notepad holder, and key holder, all in one place. It thus makes a completely functional wall shelf.

    These are among the most voguish wall shelves designs in the Indore collection of Wooden Street.

Schemes for Easy Buying from Wooden Street

Customization: Wooden Street offers “customization” services with wall shelves in Indore collection. Customization services make it easy to get the furniture manipulated as per the necessities of a customer.

Solid Wood Wall Shelves: Wall shelves in the Indore hub of Wooden Street are made of Sheesham wood and mango wood. There are available wooden finishes of honey, teak, walnut, mahogany and natural finish. Also, some wall shelves have colour options like red, yellow, blue, etc.

Policies for Purchasing: Many policies have been initiated with the purchase of wall shelves in Indore collection. Some of these policies are mentioned down:

  • Low-Cost EMI
  • Easy Return Policies
  • One-year Warranty on every product
  • No Installation Charges

All these facilities with the wall shelves in Indore collection have made it easy and fast to buy furniture online.

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