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This summer - update your wardrobe style with a personal touch of customization

  • 2016/03/15
  • 967
This summer - update your wardrobe style with a personal touch of customization

Summers are considered the warmest seasons that up bring a start to the maximum outdoor activities. To create greater comfort to subside high heat levels, our daily wearables play the most important role. The association of this season is with reorganizing our clothes and their complementing accessories simultaneously.

A Style for your “ Outfits to Fit "

What’s crucial is to explore a wardrobe collection that ensures your clothes does have a happy home! Depending upon your family’s daily need & requirements various options can be considered for picking the perfect wardrobes for your bedroom. You could either opt in for a wooden wardrobe or a modular wardrobe.

Wooden Wardrobes

Wooden Wardrobes in India

If you are looking for an ideal storage solution along with durability, then it’s a must you choose a wooden wardrobe. The construction of these wardrobes comprises of premium quality solid wood that ensures they are sturdy, reliable and sustainable. A common myth that these particular wardrobes limit buying capacity to that of design & style is untrue. You could always find a broad range consisting of different sizes, single-double door features along with wood finish to match your existing bedroom furniture.

Modular Wardrobes

Modular Wardrobes for multi-utility

If you are short on space and budget is a constraint, modular wardrobes would do wonders! Not only does a buyer get ample of inbuilt storage options from multiple drawers, partition sections to converter units, you also hold a hand on choosing the door panel features! These wardrobe frames could offer mainly three common door panels i.e. Sliding Doors, Folding Doors and Swing Doors. So buying these are very affordable & style of any choice stays intact!

Customize Wardrobes-Maximize Space

Custom made Wardrobes

Make the most of your available space by customizing wardrobes you desire. Our wardrobe customization enables each customer to create and modify a storage solution that shall not only be of a unique style & configuration but tailor-made to fit their exact dimension requirements. Adding a personal touch regarding wood & finish along with the unique pattern of design certainly is accessible with our 3-step customization process. Our expert furniture designers offer free design consultation to understand your basic necessity to built wardrobe that fit & match your home interiors. 

Easy to Assemble Mechanism

New Wardrobe Designs

Furniture can never be held stationary considering your sudden house shifting plans or even a renovation is unexpected. So we believe in constructing furniture with easy to fit and assemble mechanism that additionally eliminates cost of a carpenter. So go ahead and revamp your bedroom storage this summer with wardrobes that serve more than a single purpose and are convenient for all your storage needs.

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