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Welcome Lord Ganesha!! Celebrate This Divine Festival With A Holy Home Shrine

  • 2017/08/25
  • 306
Welcome Lord Ganesha!! Celebrate This Divine Festival With A Holy Home Shrine

The sweet smell of modak and laddoos has spread all over as it is the time to welcome Lord Ganesha. Celebrated with enthusiasm all over the country, Ganesh Chaturthi is the most awaited festival of the year. People in India celebrate this festival with joy and spirituality.

Celebrating this pious festival with joy at home creates positive ambience and imparts happiness with gatherings. So, bringing home the auspicious Ganesh idols is considered a sacred ritual in India. While you are planning to bring the angelic Ganesh idol, you should have a suitable place for it in your home too. Putting the idols at the correct place in an apt manner is aesthetic and leaves a lasting positive impact. So, bringing in a home temple for the same is a favourable option. You can choose from a variety of options, depending on the size of the idol and the additional features you require:

1. A Mandir With Vibrant Colours:

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For a traditionally designed Pooja kaksh, a mandir with vibrant colours would work at its best. Adding to the grace, it successfully creates the required space for the idols. Glorifying such temples with lights would not be required as the lively colours would be sufficient to lighten up the whole place.

2. Temple With Shelves:

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Finding more than one idol in the homes is common in India. Sometimes a mandir with a single block is not enough to place all the idols. In such a case, a mandir with two shelves can serve the purpose especially when you need to set the Ganesh idol on this auspicious occasion along with the other god idols.

3. Home temples with storage drawers:

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Celebrating all the festivals, performing the pooja with customs and procedure is essential. To do that, you will need all the relevant materials like diyas, kumkum, dhoop, etc. All these essentials should be stored well too. Thus, getting a wooden temple with storage drawer is beneficial in this case. Additionally, some temples have an implanted base which can be pulled out to place the pooja thali. A temple having such features help you keep your pooja place neat and organised.

4. Mandir for home with doors:

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A home temple with doors looks graceful, especially when crafted with wooden material. The doors with jaali pattern give an aesthetic appeal. Without blocking the smoke of incense sticks to pass away, it protects the shrines from dust particles.

5. Open Temple for Homes:

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Open temples can work well if you wish to bring a big idol this year. Providing a fine base support, it looks graceful with huge idols and frames. Additionally, you can place diyas on both of its sides to lighten up the place mystically.

6. Home Temples symbolising dome shape:

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In India, temples with dome have a great significance. The beauty and serenity of such temples spellbind the visitors. So, if you get a chance to bring a similar kind of harmony at your home, you shouldn't miss it. The home temples carved with arch give an artistic look. Resembling the dome shaped temples, it procures a similar kind of tranquility and provide you with a soothing and a peaceful zone. The Ganesh idol when placed in such finely carved temple, looks even more beautiful and mesmerizing.

Home Temples are the essential ones, especially for the Indian homes. Whether you have a separate room for worship or a suitable corner in the living room, installing a temple unit is necessary. When everyone in the home has his space to rest, so should your idols have. The importance of having a home temple is even signified in the Hindu Shastras. Getting the right one for your home is not at all difficult. At WoodenStreet, you will find artistically crafted home temples online which you can get at a modest price this Ganesh Chaturthi. Avail the special discounts and offers available this season and adorn your home with a beautiful home shrine.

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