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What is So Special about Chesterfield Sofas?

  • 2016/11/21
  • 527
What is So Special about Chesterfield Sofas?

Chesterfield Sofas for Comfort and Style

It has been agreed upon since ages now – If you want a sofa that is functional, comfortable and stylish, you should go for a Chesterfield Sofa.

Being termed as the ‘king of sofas’, Chesterfield sofas are one of the oldest; yet most desirable styles of sofas. With solid wooden frames and delicate fabric finishes they fit in well into almost any style of décor.

There are a few more reasons that make chesterfield sofas so special, even in the modern day.

1. They are Comfortable

Comfort is one of the main things that lure you towards buying a Chesterfield sofa online. In fact you could just get into a furniture store and compare the comfort that Chesterfield sofas provide as against the other options. You will agree that these are much more comfortable than their competitive counterparts. With the subtly angled back, it provides the much needed lower back support that is so critical for comfort. In fact you may not even need to use a throw pillow when you are sitting on this amazing sofa, even if it is for a long time. The cushions are filled with high-quality multi-density foam that is plush, durable and substantial for great comfort.

2. They make an Impact in your Living Room

Chesterfield sofas online in india

They are massive; yet those tufts can grab all the attention from the various other things in the room that surrounds them. You can bring in a touch of elegance to your living room by pairing up a Chesterfield button tufted sofa with a few rustic forms or even a couple of clean-lined modern elements.Whether you want to integrate it with a fun area rug or an artwork that has strong colours, a Chesterfield fabric tufted sofa looks absolutely great.

3. You can place it right in the middle of your room

The rolled back rest of a Chesterfield Tufted Sofa looks magnificent when seen from behind, unlike many sofas that have straight backs. Also, being low profile, it does not create a visual barrier in your room. If you have a large space it can make for an excellent conversation area.It is this floating ability of Chesterfield Sofas that has made them find their places at the lobbies and lounges of some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

4. Whether Traditional or Contemporary, they go well with any theme

You can buy fabric tufted sofa online with a mushroom brown, emerald green, deep blue or ruby red velvet upholstery if you wish to create a traditionally themed living room. In a contemporary set-up bold and bright colours such as orange, bright red or light blue can go well. You can even go with a lighter neutral such as white, linen or mid-tone grey if your walls are not too dark.

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5. They are easy to maintain

Chesterfield sofas use durable and top-quality fabrics that are resistant to stains. They do not fade that easily. You can go on and choose your favourite light shaded fabric for your Chesterfield sofa without worrying about any permanent stains.

Wooden Street offers Chesterfield Sofas of high quality that are handcrafted exclusively by craftsmen who are experts. Available in different colour palettes, these are made basically from cotton and jute fabrics. The Tufted button details and soothing designs make the options very attractive and stylish. What’s more - you can even choose the kind of foam that goes into the cushion filling.

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