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What makes a sofa cum bed “sofa-ntastic”?

  • 2016/08/29
  • 846
What makes a sofa cum bed “sofa-ntastic”?

A sofa cum bed, with its growing demand and popularity, has now become an essential part of every home interior. With its elaborate designs and extensive impact on the overall look of the living room decor, a sofa cum bed rules the roost like a pro. The best part of this furniture product is that you can see how beautifully it makes a lavish and comfortable sofa, and at the very next moment when you need a bed, it transforms itself into a bed as well. You must search for some extremely distinctive designs of sofa cum bed online; that can make you drool over and over again.

Perhaps, following are the reasons why we are so much fond of our sofa cum beds:

1.Get a chumpy from your Granny and listen to “Her generation” stories

This is the most favorite pastime of mine, to sit simply on the sofa cum bed, with my granny and listen to the unusual incidents of her childhood! Ah! I wish I were there as her friend in those stories. You get the best hair care, with the best person on the best sofa cum bed-st. Wooh! Comfort is at its best.

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2.Read the famous Harry Potter and get lost in the world of imaginations

You will be lying if you say that you do not find it mystically engaging while we read those gripping series of Harry Potter. No matter which-so-ever sequel of the movie or the novel you pick, you can not keep yourself from the over-raging imaginations of your mind. So, what better than a super cozy sofa cum bed and a super exciting Harry Potter novel?

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3.Watch comedy or action or Sitcoms in the utmost comfort and laugh your heart out

So what if you are not much into reading? Go for some Visual entertainment you dude! You have a TV or a smartphone, then you can just get started watching the amazing comedy or actions genres, lying cozily on the sofa cum bed. To mention less, I simply love watching all the Disney Movies, Andaaz apna apna or Wazir kind of Bollywood films. How can you switch on your TV and not Watch the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

4.Cuddle with your Pet (Call me too if it’s RETRIEVER)

You can find your best friend in your dog, who loves you and listens to you without judging you. Pets, especially dogs, are those God-sent angels one must have. So, take your hairy beast to the sofa cum bed and cuddle with them. I just love how freely I can speak my heart out to my dog, and he takes it all so well.

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5.Grab a Pizza and Counter-strike!

There are some days when both your brain and stomach have a strong will to break free and have their own sweet time. Well, on that day, just order a Pizza and start playing counter strike. Life seems so happy in that case.

6.BEST: Tickle your sibling hard or play cards or board games with them

Nothing in this world can be more fun, than teasing your sibling. I remember how we tickle each other so hard and then laugh thunderstorms. UNO and Ludo are some fun additions we do more often over our sofa cum bed.

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For now, I have been doing all of this on my sofa cum bed. If you have some more ninja activities, going on in your head to do on a sofa cum bed, do share with us!

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