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What Makes A Leatherette Sofa Crackerjack For The Living?

  • 2017/07/14
  • 284
What Makes A Leatherette Sofa Crackerjack For The Living?

Majority of us think of comfort rather than appearance when buying a sofa. But what if we could get the best of both worlds? The heart of every living, a sofa is everything that defines the place with its looks, feel and general style. There are sofa sets, and then, there are leatherette sofa sets. The subset of standard sofas, these units are far better than the usual couch seating options serving as prominent living room items since years.

Hola to our valuable readers!! Here we have come to share the benefits of a leatherette sofa and why is it crackerjack for your abode’s living. Before that, let’s get a brief idea about the term- leatherette.

Leatherette: Meaning

Leatherette, in simple terms, is an artificial leather a.k.a faux leather. It is a synthetic microfibre having small fibre polyester woven for tightening the fabric. This gives a soft touch and velvety kind of appearance to the material, which results in a suede-likefeel, sleek and smooth sofa design.

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Why buyinga leatherette sofa is a bang for the buck?

Buying a sofa is a daunting task, certainly. Sometimes, we make an informed decision after a thorough analysis, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes looks over power everything else while buying, sometimes comfort. Hence the catch 22 situation never dies. But, apart from the endless number of factors, what remain prominent are the size, colour, shape and softness. A leatherette sofa set is a new cool these days which gives a plethora of benefits over the standard units. Let’s read them one by one.

1. Stands firm with stains

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Families always try to look for a sofa which is workable with kids colouring everywhere in the house or pets rolling mud from outside on the sofa. Such homeowners want a sofa set from which stains can be removed easily. Getting a leatherette is a smart move owing to its micro fibre material. Cleaning that will no longer take extrahours and the liquid repellent sheet will not have any concern with the spills. While it is the best option to keep the sofa clean, it is always good to give a quick wipe when you see potential stains on the couch.

2. Keeps away dust

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A leatherette sofa doesn’t welcome dust even for a minute. Before it gets to settle down on your sofa, the micro fibres initiate their action and prevent the dust accumulation. If in case, you witness the layer of grime, eliminate it via a damp cloth. For all the dirt allergic people, this sofa is certainly the best choice to go for.

3. Doesn’t crack

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The densely woven polyester makes the furniture sturdy and uncrackable for many years to come. Thanks to the microfiber material, it totally withstands wear and tear. As time passes, sofa sets either crack or lose their sleekness, but with a leatherette sofa, the charm of your living room will be evergreen.

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Now that you are aware of the many benefits of a leatherette sofa, why to stress with opinions, searches and heading physical outlets? A leatherette comes available in a myriad of styles, patterns and sizes. It not only looks opulent but vanishes the day-to-day cleaning glitches in a facile manner as well. So, if you are scratching your head to buy a new sofa furniture for your living, rest your thoughts. Shop a leatherette sofa set online with the style choices you desire. Wooden Street offers top-notch units of the said furniture at best economical prices. Grab a deal and rejoice with various discounts offers.

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