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Which Double Bed should you go for – Metal or Wooden Frame?

  • 2017/01/05
  • 368
Which Double Bed should you go for – Metal or Wooden Frame?

Yes, you can buy a double bed with a wooden frame or a metal frame; but before we go on to decide which is better, let us go into the history of bed frames…

Wooden bed frames were the first ones to be created way back in the 14th century. For the poor people there were the basic wooden bases and the royal or wealthy people got to sleep on wooden beds that were elaborately carved.

For about five centuries, wood was the main choice as a material for bed. However, the industrial revolution that happened in 19th century changed this completely. People started realizing that there were problems with wooden bed frames. So, they started going for iron or steel frames.

Back in those days, wooden bed frames would get harbored by insects and lice that carried diseases. In comparison, metal bed frames seemed cleaner and safer as they could be washed and disinfected, without any risk of the frame going damp or rotten. This however is not the case today. Wooden frames are as popular as metal frames. This fact indeed makes it difficult when you need to choose between the two.

So, before you go on to decide between a wonderful wooden double bed and a marvelous metal variation, go through these four points that you need to consider:

The Look

A wooden double bed can bring in a rustic and natural look to your room, which can be quite warming. You may look for a double bed made out of a chunky solid wood or one that is elaborately carved. There might be slight variations in the colors, knots and grains. However, wood is definitely the choice if you want your bedroom to look classy and cozy.

The best thing about Metal bed frames is that they can be slotted into any bedroom quite easily. They are great for contemporary and cool bedroom themes. With so many designs and variations available, you can create a modern, elegant, industrial, simple, classic, contemporary or a grand look in your bedroom by placing a double bed with a metal frame. double bed

The Durability

A top-quality wooden double bed can be really sturdy if made out of a hardwood such as oak, teak or mahogany. There is very little chance that it might break under force or weight. Apart from being durable, these beds are also resistant to moisture and fungal attacks. While oak looks beautiful because of its grain markings, a walnut double bed would usually be dense and tightly grained. It won’t warp or shrink.

Metal bed frames are also very durable and tough. They don’t soften, splinter or split. Neither do they break or get weaker. Regular maintenance will make sure your metal bed will look new, year after year.

The Cost-effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness is one thing you need to consider while buying double beds online. While a hard wood double bed can be on the expensive side, it is definitely a fantastic investment. If you are looking for a cost-effective option in wooden double bed, you could go for one that is made out of Pine wood or Ash wood. Both these materials are heavy and strong, while being attractive as well as affordable.

Metal bed frames on the other hand are a lot cheaper than wood. You could use the extra money for buying a top-quality mattress, extra pillows and bedding sets. Also, since metal beds won’t be affected by mold or insects, they tend to remain attractive for longer. double bed

The Assembling and the Dis-mantling

When you buy double bed online you usually get it delivered in a flat box. You may have to assemble it yourself. So, the ease of assembling is one thing you need to consider while choosing between a wooden and a metal bed frame. Also, you need to think about the dismantling should you need to move out at any point of time.

If you are about to buy double bed in India, make sure you determine your requirements before making your choice. A double bed is not something you would buy every now and then; so take your time, compare your options and make your choice wisely.

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