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Why Buy Trundle Beds?

  • 2018/01/05
  • 455
Why Buy Trundle Beds?

When it comes to buying furniture, the first thing that we check after ticking the check box of requirement is the check box of space-savvy. Buying beds is not exactly a cake walk, as beds are bulky and take up a lot of space in any room. This leaves no space to be utilized creatively. The whole purpose of designing your interiors is making functionally more use out of your limited interiors. Looking out for your options, you stumble upon sofa-cum-beds. While sofa-cum-beds are fundamentally a better choice for interiors, when you want to make more out of your living room area, they prove off-placed in a bedroom.

So, what are your options, now?

Wooden Street has the perfect solution for you in their variety of Trundle Bed designs.

Read more to find out how you can use Trundle Beds and why.

What exactly are Trundle Beds?

In the battle of space-saving furniture, Trundle beds are the champion you want to bet your money on. In simpler terms, Trundle Beds are the Bunk Beds that adults use. And just in case you think your kid might fall off from their kids bed, then go ahead, by all means use Trundle Beds for you kids!


Trundle beds have a bed under their main bed frame, that can be wheeled out and, voila! There’s your easily accessible bed for guests or yourself.

When we talk about multi-utility furniture, what can be more multi-utilitarian for a bed than be another bed rolled into one bed? The storage facilities that these can provide are the icing on the cake.


Imagine a bed that can serve as a Sofa and provide two separate sleeping spaces when visitors come over for the night. The Baldina Trundle Bed is exactly an evolutionary leap in the world of beds, bringing pull out trundle beds far ahead in the race where other beds are struggling to start ignition. Have a look-


Which Trundle Bed should you buy?

Buying any bed, or any piece of furniture, is largely dependent on the style and themes of your interiors. The bed is a dominating piece of furniture in your bedroom. Even if it stands out in your interior, it should be in an elegant fashion. If it blends in your interior, it should be only to create illusionary space. Wooden Street has a wide variety of Trundle Beds at your service that you can choose from, as per your needs, of course. We have listed two interior themes for you to provide an instance. This will give you a glimpse on how you can use Trundle Beds in your home.


Retro Interiors


Retro interiors are classified by the charm of the 70s. The colours are brighter and designs simpler, yet possess a bling that is unmatched by any other interior styles. If you have designed your interiors in this style, then a simple trundle bed that commands all the attention should be bought.

We Suggest: From our bag of magic tricks, we have rummaged for you the Fyodor Trundle Bed which, combined with the retro styled bedsheets and black-and-white framed photographs arranged artfully, looks quite exquisite. The space that the trundle bed leaves can be creatively utilized to occupy a bold coloured Wing-Chair. Have a look.


Modern Interiors:


Modern interiors are characterized by straight neat lines. The chromes are used extensively in this style of interiors. The modern interiors are about better colour contrasts, like green against a gray backdrop. The Bed that you chose for such interiors has to be sublime and subtly space-savvy, for why else would you consider a Trundle Bed?

We Suggest: The Cristiano Trundle Bed will kick all the goals right when it comes to suiting your modern interiors. This bed stands out and uplifts the interiors to an outstanding level. Beautiful piece-artworks can be hung on the wall against which the headboard of the bed has been propped. Hanging lamps by the side will enchant your bedroom. Again, a Lounge Chair in chrome colour can be used to create a flow in the interiors. Have a look.


We hope you can work and build even better interiors based on our ideas. Tell us how you liked our ideas and how you choose to implement and improvise them.

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