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Why you should go for two single beds instead of a double bed?

  • 2017/01/04
  • 556
Why you should go for two single beds instead of a double bed?

What would your reaction be if someone asked you to get rid of your age-old double bed and get a single bed instead?

Would you be convinced or would you feel dismayed?

Do you feel you would cut down on your comfort by going in for a single bed online?

Actually you won’t. A single bed can be as comfortable, or at times, even more comfortable than a double bed. Also, you get to save a lot of space in your room.

Do you know why most hotel rooms are offered on twin sharing basis?

The reason is just this – Single Beds offer more comfort while occupying less space.

Wooden Single beds give you a sense of independence and personify your individuality if you are staying alone. While exaggerating the overall look of your bedroom, a single bed also creates extra space for your other pieces of furniture as well as décor items.

If you are still wondering why you should buy single bed online instead of a double bed, here are a few reasons:

Single Beds are excellent space-saving solutions

While a double bed measures 54 inches in width and 74 inches in length, a single bed measures 39 inches in width and 75 inches in length. You are right away saving about 15 inches of space while gaining an extra inch in length. For smaller rooms it seems ideal to replace a double bed with a single bed. The extra space can be utilized for a night table, a study table or even an extra wardrobe. In case you need to accommodate a guest once in a while, it would be ideal to go in for a trundle bed that helps you create an extra bed by pulling out the lower bed from underneath. A sofa cum bed would also be ideal.

Extra Storage

With a single bed you can definitely gain more space in your bedroom. You can either go for a single bed with storage option or put up a chest of drawers, a cabinet or a wardrobe in the extra space that you save by getting rid of your double bed. This will help solve your storage problem, while giving you all the comfort and space that you need.

single bed

Better Aesthetic Appeal

Putting up a single bed in your bedroom can give more importance to the other pieces of furniture in your room. You will be able to decorate your room in a better way and enhance its aesthetic appeal. That’s not all – You can even increase the functionality of your space by bringing in those pieces of furniture that you could not accommodate earlier due to the presence of your double bed.

Economical Option

Single beds cost much lesser when compared to double beds. In the money that you save, you can go for other pieces of furniture that complete the look of your bedroom. You can even buy some home décor items such as lamps and art works and maybe even some extra bed sheets and pillows. Most wooden single beds are of good quality and durable, which means you get excellent value for money.

single bed

Two for the Price of One

You can buy two single beds instead of one double bed. In fact if you can find a buy 1 get 1 free offer while looking for a single bed online, you can get two beds at the price of one. In case your room is big enough you can place both these beds against two walls of your room and make space for your wardrobes, chest of drawers and night tables etc. This will be an excellent set-up for children’s bedroom, as they allow enough space for their study tables.

Single beds are the masters of modern homes and this fact makes it a good decision to buy single bed online. On Wooden Street you will find a wide range of single bedsin different designs that cater to every requirement and budget. You will definitely find one that goes well with your décor and makes for an excellent space to sleep comfortably and cozily.

It is now time to start playing “Divide & Conquer” in your bedroom!

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