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Wooden Furniture Back In The Picture; A Trend Alert For 2017

  • 2017/08/29
  • 308
Wooden Furniture Back In The Picture; A Trend Alert For 2017

Refurbishing one's home is a gentleman's wish. The home decor nowadays has become an essential element in judging a person's lifestyle and his choice. Imagine a scene where you invite your colleagues to a dinner and witness those strange looks on their faces on your outdated furniture. You surely won't wish to get embarrassed. Taking your concern in consideration, we have come up with the modern furniture trends that you should follow to give your place a charismatic look.

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A recent study shows that people these days are much more excited to welcome natural wood texture in their house. The top ranked interior designers believe that the wooden furniture can create a soothing aura which makes one's place more relaxing. Well, as you know, there is a fine line between trendy and timeless. The wood furniture besides being trendy is timeless which would never depart you from a cosy living.

Here are some of the verging wooden furniture trends that have captured the hearts of people in 2017.

1. Coffee Tables crafted in Sheesham Wood

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The metal tables have had their day. Coffee tables crafted in Sheesham wood flashing an appealing natural texture are too good to ignore. Such tables can act as an elegant addition to the living room of the house. This single piece of furniture can upscale the entire look. Having one is affordable as it doesn't acquire much space.

2. The dependent sofa sets:

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A thoughtful design emphasizes on quality over quantity. A room intricately designed doesn't need to be bombarded with a lot of accessories. A statement sofa can work well to adorn your living room magnificently. Wooden sofas can act as a masterpiece for a standard living room. The cheap sofas may draw your attention offering more features in less but the one depriving quality is not at all beautiful, especially when it comes to furniture.

3. The wooden finish Dining Tables:

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Dining tables act as an attractive unifying source for all the family members after a tight schedule. People, nowadays, consider getting one essential and the wooden ones serve the purpose at its best. Crafted with different cuts and designs, these impart a classic look to one's place. Whether you got to put it in a corner or create a focal point, a wooden dining table will successfully catch the sight of all the visitors.

4. Lounge Chairs:

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Bright walls, modern architecture and a vintage tinge can spruce up the entire decor. A well-designed lounge chair can be brought in to give a magnificent look. Whether you place it in your living room or create a date corner in the bedroom with a pair of lounge chairs, a rich look is guaranteed.

5. A bedroom with artistically designed wooden furniture:

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A uniformly designed bedroom may appear dull but so won't be the case if you decide to adorn your room with wooden furniture. A bedroom designed with complementing wooden accessories give a wholesome look imparting a luxurious flash. The light shed walls can promote the wooden furniture very well. Apart from that whether you plan to illuminate your room with chandeliers or the night lamps, the complete wooden accessorization can support all the lights giving warmth and comfort. The modern households these days demand a wooden interior for the radiance it grants.

Wooden furniture has been trending in 2017. The trend would last for long as the charm of wood doesn't fade away with time. Buying furniture online has now become easy as WoodenStreet has come up with latest furniture collection suiting the needs of the modern apartment. Even if you wish to get your furniture customised, WoodenStreet is there to help you out. You can also check out the collection at our furniture shop in Bangalore and furniture shop in Chennai.

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