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Your Dream Dressing Table; Not Far Away From You

  • 2017/05/22
  • 719
Your Dream Dressing Table; Not Far Away From You

Admiring oneself is the most pleasurable task for any person. After all, giving some time to your individualism is an essence for mental prosperity, and when you have a smart dressing table to accompany you, the task becomes much more engaging. A chic dressing table can make you feel even more gorgeous, at times. Think about the evening when you are getting ready for a party, and you don't have a mirror to complement you? Sounds horrible, right? Well, I am sure you are not accustomed to such grim sights. But there are certain facts that you can take care of, to get an organised and an intact dressing table that can aid you and your room look more glamorous. Here are certain features that a perfect dressing table must possess:

1.A Gorgeous Mirror:

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Any dressing table is incomplete without a mirror. However, you should be careful while choosing the size of the mirror that the dressing table provides.

Many of us mistake with a small-sized mirror and regret later when we abstain from the complete look of our getup.

An ideal dressing mirror should be long enough to give a complete look of the dressup.


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The next most important feature to be looked upon is the storage factor. It becomes hectic at times when you don't find all your vanities assembled at one place while getting ready for an important meeting. A dressing table with ample storage can solve your problem, a dressing table with drawers can keep safe your daily essentials like a watch, wallet, chains, etc., While some of the dressing tables with generous space can even store your shoes and clothes, saving you from morning hustle and hassle.

3.A stand-out style:

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Apart from adding to your charm, an absolute dressing table should also intensify the charisma of your bedroom. The tables made of wood are usually famous for their charming style. Each wood piece is unique with subtle cuts, beautifully refined with a teak finish, Mahony finish and other rich options, which can magnify the style of a sophisticated bedroom.

4.Proper seating space:

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Often neglected, a proper seating space is essential for a flawless dressing area. It not only provides you with an equable zone for getting ready but also an elegant look to the overall furniture. It is advisable to opt for a dressing table supplemented with a chair or a stool.


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Certainly, every person desires to get a dressing table which suits his style and stands at par with elegancy, but it is also necessary to check the durability of your furniture piece as a handsome amount can't frequently be spent. The wood dressing table again set the standards regarding durability. The wood furniture lasts for generations and easy to maintain.

6.Perfect colour and lightening:

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For magnifying the look of your bedroom, it becomes essential that the colour and design you choose perfectly complements the interior of the same.

The exquisite designs available can fit in any part of the room, but if you choose a place furnished with abundant natural light, then it will do a great help in applying make-up. If you can't find such a place for your dressing table, you can summate it with a side lamp, or a lamp just above your table.

So next time you shop for a dressing table, keep in mind the factors as mentioned above and make a smart choice. Various online furniture stores like WoodenStreet even customise the furniture as per their customer's need at a modest price. Have a look at the classic range of dressing units and the amazing customisation options at WoodenStreet.

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