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Your Sleeping Position Reveals A Lot About You

  • 2017/09/04
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Your Sleeping Position Reveals A Lot About You

Sleeping on a comfortable bed becomes a loveable task for most. After all, who doesn't like sleeping? Well, you might be unaware of the fact that the position in which a person sleeps reveals a lot about his personality. Psychologists claim that there are six prominent sleeping positions in which a person sleeps, and the nature of an individual can be identified by these.

1. The Fetal position:

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The fetal position is one in which a person sleeps on either of the sides with his legs curled up. Some people find this position extremely comfortable and it is the one adopted by most of the people. Well, the people who sleep in this position are deeply sensitive ones. They may appear hard on the outside but have a soft heart. You may find them quite shy when you first meet them, but they tend to open up and relax quickly after a casual meet.

2. Yearner:

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Yearners too sleep on the side. The difference here is that they do not sleep with curled legs. They sleep with hands stretched as if yearning for something. Well, these are the one with a bit complicated personality, these people are open minded yet cynical. A little suspicious, they are slow in decision making, but once they make up their mind, they stick to it.

3. Soldier:

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The Attention position while sleeping defines the soldier position. It is the position where a person sleeps with his back straight and arms stretched down the side. This is the position adopted by a very few people. These people have their norms which they follow. Also, they have high expectations from people around them.

4. The log:

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The style is covered by people who lie on their side with legs extended straight and arms lying on the side. Well, the style might appear boring, but these people are really interesting. Often called as social butterflies, these people love to interact. They engage with all kind of people and are often known for their easy going ability.

5. Starfish:

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People lying on their backs with their legs stretched out, and arms stretched up their head form a starfish position. Surprisingly, this is the least preferred style. People who prefer sleeping in this position are loyal friends. They are the problem solvers who love hearing other's problems and helping them a way out.

6. Freefall:

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The ones who enjoy lying on their stomach with arms wrapped around the pillow form a freefall position while sleeping. These people are known for their social ability and bold personality. Showing off themselves as a free spirit, these people are nervous on inside and are too sensitive to handle criticism.

So, next time you want to know about the basic character traits or nature of a person, just have a careful look at their sleeping position.

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