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Your Very Own Green House

  • 2017/11/13
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Your Very Own Green House

One of the most efficient ways of sprucing up your home is by bringing your garden greens indoor. Plants that thrive on indirect light and light watering cycle are adequate for interiors of your home.

Indoor plants not just upgrade your indoor aesthetics, but also subconsciously reduce your stress levels. Not to mention, they purify the air better than those expensive air purifiers you’ve spent your greens on. They maintain the humidity and, hence, the temperature of your home. Obviously, your home has an oxygen rich environment if you choose to bring the plants in.

Indoor plants promote your health and reduce your risk of falling ill. Asthmatic people can give three cheers as indoor plants reduce air borne dust levels and lower pollutant levels inside your home.

If these are not good enough reasons to bring plants indoors, then what are? Wooden Street has listed top ten indoor plants for you. Give a look.

1. The Money Plant


Money plants are easy-to-maintain creepers that are suitable for any portion of your home. You can use a tiny planter to keep the money plant by the side of your shoe racks, or on top of them. Direct the creepers with cords in any way you desire.

2. The Snake Plant


The Snake Plant purifies the air of your home by removing formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides that are formed by fuming appliances. This plant requires light watering and indirect light and so can be placed on an elevated planter by the side of your bookshelf or any empty corner of your living room.

3. The Spider Plant


These resilient plants require very little of your time and attention. With lots of rich foliage and tiny white flowers, the spider plant combats benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. Hang it in your balcony or porch, beside wooden swings, to see the charm of this plant.

4. The Areca Palm


For those areas of your home that receive filtered light from the sun, the Areca Palm is a superior alternative. This excellent purifier eliminates benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and many more pollutants. Wooden Street suggests Anna Planter Box, flanking the entrances.

5. The Cacti


The cacti have anti-inflammatory properties against insect bites, rashes and itches. It lowers bad cholesterol levels and has many more benefits. It grows easily without much care or water requirements. You can plant multiple types of cacti in a single vibrant pot and keep them on your coffee tables or centre tables.

6. The Rubber Plant


Rubber plants are amongst the top best air purifying plants. They require indirect light and watering is required only when the soil is dry. They will look extremely majestic next to a window, near sofa sets, in a bulky pot.

7. The Peace Lily


This beautiful plant not just makes your soul dance with its beauty, but also removes mold from air. This plant could easily be used to revitalize your favorite seating area, like a luxurious lounge chair. Use broad, high and bulky pots to plant these. Keep peace lilies out of direct sunlight in a warm, well-lit area. Keep the soil moist at all times, without overwatering.

8. The Aglaonema Lipstick


This plant, also known as The Chinese Evergreen, is an excellent air purifier. It gives a tropical elegance to your living room. When placed over display units, cabinets or shelves, it brings an inviting and color-rich ambience to your home. Plant them in a high monochromatic, neutral colored pot.

We hope these plants uplift the beauty and help you to battle the pollutions levels inside your home. Give us your feedback and let us know how helpful these ideas are.

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