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4 Inch Mattress

A bed is complete with a mattress, and a mattress is complete with all the comfort sealed in it. A sleek width of 4 inch and different sizes of the mattress is all it takes to give reasonable plush. We at Wooden Street have a range of 4 inch mattress in its collection. The premium quality of Penguin Ultra and Ortho-memory mattress is all that it has to ensure a peaceful sleep. Swipe below to explore the widest range of 4 inch mattresses at Wooden Street!

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4 Inch Mattresses: Snuggle Sealed in a Mattress

A bed is said to be comfy with the fixture of mattresses that are forged to be filled with softness and plush. Sleek mattresses like 4 inch mattresses are said to be with a width that makes it bouncy, thin and even contrasting in appeal. Wooden Street has introduced the solace of 4 inch mattresses that are all said to nail the comfort level. For every bed, there is a mattress that combines well with the aura. Some of its examples are mentioned below!

Miscellany of Measures in 4 Inch Mattresses

Varying with the place, the bed, sizes and even people there are certainly distinct measurements offered with 4 inch mattresses. Wooden Street has commenced a range of the same with mattresses of multiple sizes. Some of these are mentioned below!

Measures for King Size

First in the queue is the colossal size of 4 inch mattress that is meant for the king size beds. These are with various measurements that make it fit in the widest place, while sleek 4 inch makes it look a thin and comfy mattress. There are also numerous measurements offered in it which even give diversity in king size 4 inch mattresses. For instance, Wooden Street has 72*72, 75*72 and 78*72 dimensions for every kingly feel.

Dimensions of Queen One

For the queen beds, many of the 4 inch mattresses give size specs that allow varied assortments to choose from. Just like Wooden Street has 4 inch mattresses of sizes like 72*60, 75*60, 78*60 that make it broader and comfier.

Single Sizes

Single beds need single bed mattresses that can fit finely within the dimensions of it. For these, 4 inch mattresses come with sizes of 76*36 and 78*36 like that on Wooden Street. These size variants make it ideal for the single one to sleep peacefully.

Why Wooden Street?

  1. Long Warranty: With every 4 inch mattress, Wooden Street ensures a long warranty period of 20 years. This secures comfort of a restful bed for over two decades which is quite a span to enjoy.
  2. 100 Days of Trials: If it is about the tranquility of a bed, then judging strongly before buying a mattress becomes peculiar. Therefore, Wooden Street gives 100 days of free trials with 4 inch mattresses. So, one can be completely sure of the right mattress before investing in it.
  3. Policies for Purchasing: Many of the policies have been instigated with 4 inch mattresses at Wooden Street, which make it easy to buy online. Some such policies are mentioned right below:
    • Low-cost EMI
    • 24*7 customer support
    • Free shipping
    • Easy return policy
    • Free installation

These are some of the benefits that Wooden Street has enabled with Penguin Ultra 4 inch mattresses. With easy policies, there are also available exclusive ranges of 5 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch mattresses. There are also 2 assortments of Ortho-memory mattresses and Ultra-comfort mattresses that give variants to pick from.


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