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The choice of the modern living room furniture determines the overall look of the house since the room is one to be visited first by the guests. Arrangement of the furniture in this room counts as another important thing that responsibly accentuates the level of your comfort. Explore our impeccable collection and add style to your home.

Customer Reviews

  • Great furniture for family room in Bangalore India

    What an experience! My common room furniture was discarded with the modern living room furniture that I have just ordered and stepped into my place. No doubt it has been an affordable experience. I will love to place more orders.

    Soumya Bhatnagar, Bangalore
  • best common room furniture ideas
    "Got beautiful furniture units."

    When I shifted to New Delhi, due to my new job I found very difficult to get the exact sitting room furniture according to my requirements. But by browsing this site I was amazed by the variety and quality of the products available. Now I recommend my friends to shop from here due to fantastic service.

    Malvika Arora, New Delhi
  • Happy with buying modern room furniture for my interior in bangalore from WoodenStreet
    "Ample of varieties to choose from"

    I wanted a beautiful bookshelf for my living room. Due to the compact space in my home, I always found difficult to get a perfect piece for my home. I saw Deborah corner bookshelf at Wooden Street and bought it. The product is beautifully accentuating my seating furniture units.

    Pooja Agrawal, Bangalore
  • I got best moring room furniture in Pune India
    "Skillful and excellent work"

    Just after the 1 month of my marriage, my husband was posted to Pune. There I had to design the interior of my home from scratch. While browsing online, I saw Wooden Street and the range of sitting room furniture units available were excellent. I bought Letcher coffee table Solano 2 seater, Carlo 2 seater and Clifford bookshelf from here. Thank you guys for the amazing quality and excellent service provided.

    Suman Chittora, Pune
  • Happy With interior room decor furniture in Pune India

    That's what I call, dream room furniture sets. The amazing compliments by the guests made me share my story with Wooden Street. After your delivered sets, I have truly fallen in love with my own home. Now the show off has become quite convenient. YAY!

    Sakshi Joshi, Pune
  • Awesome - The sitting room furniture from WoodenStreet

    I am glad to buy this complete look changing sitting furniture. The situation hasn't been so great to visualize how all the coffee tables and sofas have provided a complete new aura to my space. The cost effective feature has justified itself. Thank you, Wooden Street

    Alia sheikh, Mumbai
  • sitting room furniture India
    "Beautiful Living room."

    I was very upset due to the small family room and always had a problem while shopping for the living room. So, I called up at Wooden Street and described them my problem. Experts there suggested me for custom made seating room furniture units, and now they perfectly fit in my common room with ease. Thank You, for the best quality products and helping me to set up my living room beautifully.

    Raghav Gupta, Trivandrum
  • perfect furniture for living room in India
    "Extra zing to my home."

    I bought Bishop sofa cum bed for my living room from Wooden Street, the additional storage space was its most surprising feature. Beautiful mahogany finish is enhancing the look of my living room. The drawers are very smooth to open and close. Now I will purchase every unit for my common room from here.

    Aashish Sharma, Bangalore
  • The morning room furniture at WoodenStreet
    "Happy with the amazing service!"

    You guys rocked it! Anyone would feel nervous to shop furniture units for the living room online. But I was extremely satisfied with the wooden material, finish, the delivery time of the products. I felt worth to spend, and I am looking forward for more shopping from Wooden Street. Thank you guys and keep up the great work.

    Ritika Acharya, Mumbai
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