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best Wardrobe designs for bedroom
best Wardrobe designs for bedroom
best Wardrobe designs for bedroom
best Wardrobe designs for bedroom

Wardrobe Design

for your bedroom
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Modular Wardrobe Design Wardrobe Design can surely fulfill the storage space that you've been craving for. From a single door to folding ones or sleek to stylish, wardrobes at Wooden Street, we have stocked a wide range of latest wardrobe designs. These units also contribute towards the looks of your room. Our wardrobe modular designs come with different types of functional features to keep clutter under control. Browse our beautiful designs and find the modular wardrobe design that suits your needs the best.

Steps for Placing Your Order With Wooden Street

Schedule Get free consultation service from our in-house team of interior designers
Customise Designs You can personalise the furniture based on your favourite Wardrobe designs
Review 2D & 3D designs Visualize the selected design in 2D and 3D models & suggest required changes
Confirm Order Place your order by following easy and quick steps
Get Delivery & Installation Avail the benefits of free delivery & installation along with expert assistance at every stage.
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Find the Perfect Choice Wardrobes are an important entity in your room as they accommodate all your additional stuff. With Wooden Street, you’ll surely get best modular wardrobe design for bedroom that'll make the perfect find as we give you plenty of choices to choose from.
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Spoilt For Choice We use Merino laminates (1mm) for all our finishes, and our extensive range includes matte, glossy, and textured options. The Bonneville is all mirror (Saint Gobain) held secure in an aluminium frame.
Madera Solid matte finish in strong colours
Fusta A perfect combination of solid and soothing textures
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Bois Go with the soft wooden tones
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Browse to Your Heart’s Desire We have the best-suited options for every look and feel of the perfect wardrobe that you’re looking for.
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Finishes All our finishes are coated with Merino laminates which range from matte, glossy, and textured options.
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Available materials The wood materials with which we craft all our wardrobe units are highly durable and resistant to the extreme weather conditions which make them undeniably reliable.
top wardrobe designs
Marine Ply

As the name suggests, Marine plywood doesn’t get damaged in humid and wet conditions and is resistant to the fungal attack. Manufactured with a durable face and core veneers, it can bear extreme moist conditions for a longer duration of time.

the best wardrobe designs

Plywood is the most versatile wood of all which is engineered by pasting layers of natural wood veneers together. It is strong and can easily bear the heavy load altogether which makes it best suited for storing items which carry significant weight.

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MDF Engineered wood with wax, resin, and wood fibers — the Medium Density Fibre(MDF) board remains moisture resistant and uniformly dense. Due to the high density factor, MDF is best suited for doors to ensure that it holds the hinges properly for a longer period of time. Moreover, it is termite resistant and water-proof.

We made our customers Happy!
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I bought a Sliding wardrobe design from Wooden street, and I am very happy with my purchase. The product delivered by them was durable, sturdy, and designer-made and matched all my expectations and the interiors of my room. All their products are excellently handcrafted and I’m looking forward to making more purchases in the future!

Pallavi Ratnani,Bangalore

Thanks a lot team for fulfilling my wish of a designer made Swing Door wardrobe. It is spacious and has an incredible modern look that suits the aesthetics of my room completely. Even the finishing is done with great care. Keep up with the good work team!


I have recently bought a sliding door modular wardrobe from Wooden street and i am extremely happy to buy it. The product delivered by the team was durable, sturdy and amazing. It is just the way i had expected it to be. Also, this wardrobe design completely merges with the interiors of the bedroom. This site is my favourite and i prefer to buy furniture units from here only as they are handcrafted by the skilled artisans. Thanks to you. Keep up the good work!

Gauri SinghPune

Modular Wardrobes Design to Elevate the Look and Feel of Bedroom

In today's cramped homes, it's rather important to get the right wardrobe design with absolutely no room for wastage. This is why wooden street offers you the wooden wardrobe design facility to enrich your bedroom and to ensure that you get the storage furniture according to your style and need. If there is one room in the home that is meant to provide peace and rest at the end of a long day, it's the bedroom. The key to keeping this personal place inviting is to organise it well. And wardrobes do this task. They are the most significant storage space in the bedroom.

We allow you to design your wardrobe by just filling in the form to book a consultation as we believe that good things come in large packages. After that, we will schedule your appointment with our in-house team of interior designers. You can discuss your requirements and get your cupboard design customised.

Wardrobe Design: The Never-Ending Choice For Storage!

What if you could actually build a customized wardrobe around your outfits? Wouldn’t that be great? And, yet there is something about wooden furniture that attracts everyone. The fine and delicate craftsmanship, the natural feel of it and the amazing patterns used in them make these products a must-have for most of us.

Choosing a wardrobe design is difficult. It’s a never ending choice. Should you pick that design with a darker wood, or the lighter more modern style is more to your liking?

Are you looking to get a custom cupboard design done? If yes, then let us walk through the various parameters that can be taken into consideration while customizing wardrobe designs.

Choose Latest Wardrobe Design at Wooden Street

Wardrobes are the important furniture pieces in the room as they provide the space to accommodate additional stuff. With Wooden Street, you will surely find the perfect match and spacious modular wardrobe as we give you plenty of choices to choose from. We offer swing door wardrobe designs which are ideal for large rooms which have sufficient space for opening and closing mechanism of the door. Folding wooden almirah designs which are perfect for unused space or corners of the house as they don't take up so much space and are easy to use. They can also be made in L shape with required number of shelves and drawers. Sliding door wooden wardrobe designs which are the perfect choice for rooms which don't have enough space to open doors of the cupboard. They are so spacious and well built and can accommodate large stuff as well. So decide on the mechanism and size of the almirah and get is tailored in latest design with the help of wooden street.

Wooden Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom in Various Finishes

A modular wardrobe is a furniture piece that cannot be purchased every day. The buying of one requires more efforts and decision than most other furniture pieces since it's not easy to move around. The cupboard design also needs to be customised more appropriately and perfectly than any other furniture. Thus to solve your problem and to provide you with an organised closet we give you various spots and finishes options. We offer madera a spoilt which is a solid matte finish in strong colour, Fusta which is a perfect combination texture and solid, trae which is a gradient finish texture and much more. We also offer high-pressure laminates, polymer, acrylic and much more. All these finishes are coated with 1mm merino laminates. The overall feel provided by modular almirahs is very pleasing and refreshing. Whether you want a madera spoilt wooden wardrobe design in bedroom or texture wardrobe, they will fill your room with luxurious feeling.

Quality Material For Wooden Almirah Design for Bedroom

A modular cupboard design is one step ahead of the primary closets and comes with a exciting appeal that brings more functionality and technology into light. They are not just the latest in fashion but also raise the glam quotient of your home. The wood material used by us to craft the wooden wardrobes design for bedroom are highly durable and weather resistant and reliable. We offer closets in marine ply which are manufactured with a durable face and core veneers and doesn't get damaged in wet and humid conditions. Plywood which is the most versatile wood is engineered by pasting layers of natural wood veneers together. It is sturdy in nature and can bear heavy load which makes it suitable for storing items which carry significant weight. And MDF wood which because of their high-density factor are best suited for doors and are termite resistant.

Get Perfect Cupboard Design Easily at Wooden Street

Does the thought of a huge wardrobe with unlimited space seem exciting but the endless hour's carpenters take to install, seem daunting? Wooden Street can do it in few hours. So what are you waiting for? Fill up the form and book your consultation, so that we can design your dream wardrobe and can install it hassle-free. A comprehensive list of modern wardrobe designs and material, finish and spoilt options are available on the website so that you can think over and consider all the possibilities available to you before finalising on the perfect one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending upon your space, we offer the liberty to help you configure the best combination you need

What Interior Design services do we offer to our customers?
Our team of Interior Designers create a comprehensive, easy-to-implement design plan for your home. Whether the project is a 'new execution' or refurbishment of existing interiors, we offer end-to-end services.
  • Initially, our Interior Designers understand your requirements, and also contribute their ideas to help you to make the right decisions. Post, which a suitable proposal is presented considering the budget.
  • Upon project agreement between our team and the customer, the order is confirmed, and an appropriate timeline is given for each stage for a successful execution.
  • All the modular kitchen and wardrobe work initiates if opted in the project and side-by-side furniture selection & additional accessories are assembled according to the proposed timeline.
What are the other services, which are not included in our Interior Design solutions?
Our team of Interior Designers create a comprehensive, easy-to-implement design plan for your home. Whether the project is a 'new execution' or refurbishment of existing interiors, we offer end-to-end services.
  • Any structural changes (i.e. Construction/Civil related work)
  • Flooring
  • Bathroom décor, design, or fittings
  • Custom window treatments
  • Painting Service (Suggestions offered/No execution)
What is the ideal stage for an interior consultation?
We suggest our customers reach us out for an Interior Consultation two-month prior of their basic construction and flooring completion. We shall utilize the time in understanding your requirements and helping you finalize ready to move products and also work on the design concept of the desired Interiors. Simultaneously as the possession date is closer, we plan the modular work accordingly.
What if you wish to get Interior of only a few rooms and not the entire house? Is the service offerable?
Yes, we do offer interior design services for particular rooms if required and separate room projects are carried out.
What if you would like to use existing furniture in your Interiors?
You can surely move your existing furniture to the new interiors. Our team shall also suggest the appropriate design ideas if required.
What if you already have a kitchen and wardrobes?
Even if you have existing kitchen and wardrobes, our team will work on refurbishing the remaining look of your house.
Are custom designs offered apart from the catalogue designs?
Definitely yes, we offer custom made furniture as well as customization in Kitchen and Wardrobes. We would request our customers to work out the customization request with our team.
What is the estimated timeline from proposal to completion of each project?
It depends on project to project and its requirements, also the schedule stretch depends upon decision making of the customer regarding how soon or delayed the responses are. Anyhow duration of 6-12 weeks is required for a successful completion.
How many iterations can you make in your project?
We follow a systematic approach to avoid confusions and multiple iterations at the execution stage. However during the design concept pitch and 2D layouts you can send multiple revisions in designs and ask for changes till you are satisfied and post which 3D designs are executed.
What is the payment process to place the order? And how is the payment collected?
Upon agreement between our team and the customer to the proposed quotation, an advance payment of 10% of the total cost is requested to be paid to initiate the site inspection followed by 2D and 3D. Part payment is collected at each stage for which the execution will start. The 10% advance is an adjustable amount of the project cost against any other particulars.
What if you don’t like some of our products? Can you return them?
Considering each project has a different requirement and furniture or modular work is done as per your specifications we do our best to deliver products with highest quality. In case of any damaged furniture product received on the time of delivery, or issue in designs the same can be discussed with our team to resolve your issues at the earliest.
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