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Home Decor : Extensive Array Of Home Decor items Only At Wooden Street!

Home Decor : Our home is a magical place to be at, and it is our responsibility to maintain that quality of it. Imagine if you have plain painted wall with no frames, antiques, wall art, paintings, etc. Will it still look magical? Home decor plays an integral part in making your house a beautiful place to live in. You can refurbish the space of your home by browsing through the elegant assortment that wooden street provides for their customers. Home decor products that we provide include lamps and lanterns, stools and ottomans, wall hangings, photo frames, mirror frames, figurines, etc. For bedroom, we have a soothing collection while for living room- lively. The requirement, style, and decor are different from one another in each room. So, keeping that in mind you can choose from our range and give that area a perfect match.

Try To Express yourself

Home Decor : Just as people express themselves through their outfits or hairstyle, your home can be a genuine reflection of who you really are, how creative you can be and what are your living standards. When you are decorating your home, try to understand what is the purpose you want to serve and keeping that thought in mind take a step towards buying home decor products. If you live alone, nothing can stop you to showcase what you like. Pick your favorite pieces and items of home decor and try to get your mind as creative as it can, mix and match until you don't feel contented. If you share your home and live in a joint family, or you are a newly married couple collaborate with those people. Know what is important to them and what they love. Just remember, "If you buy stuff you love, regardless of era or price, your home will be a true reflection of you."

Get ideas for home decor at wooden street.

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Home Decor Antique Collection At Wooden Street

Home Decor : At Wooden Street, you will get a wide range of home decor items like Antique candle stands and you won't find such great designs at this price at any e-tail store. Then we have Lamps for not only modern and traditional decor but also for industrial decor. Further, we have an appealing collection of ethnic photo frames. The mirror frames we provide can go well with all the types of decor so that you don't have to compromise on the style. The alluring wall hangings we craft for you, will attract the eyes of every visitor. Magnificent accessory boxes can store your accessories and jewelry safely and add to their charm as well as their life. Not just this we also craft beautiful stools and ottomans, storage boxes, figurines, vases, etc. So, gift your home a perfect decor, by choosing from the best collection available at Wooden Street!

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Reasons Behind Buying Home Decor products From Wooden Street!

Home Decor : Buying from Wooden Street rather than any other retail or e-tail outlet is better because at wooden street we laboriously work to know the requirements of customers, try to find a creative solution out of it and then day by day add a charm of unique and exclusive ideas in the new fields and products. Wooden Street is not just a furniture store, but a home of thoughts and ideas where we pledge to make your house a place worth living in. We cater our customers with diverse facilities and services that include hassle free installation and delivery, EMI facility and one year warranty to make their experience of buying furniture from our store, a memorable one. The best convenience and amenity that we provide our customers with is that they get an opportunity to turn their ideas and desires into reality. We make custom built furniture, you just need to give us the specific details about the finish, color, wood and style that you want of that product, and we will convert that imagination of yours into reality!

Customer Reviews

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    I want to take this opportunity to thank Wooden Street for their exciting collection of decor pieces, each meticulously crafted and soaked in style. Their phenomenal collection is certain to add fervor to the interior, thus creating an extravagant look in the interior. A voracious range of decor pieces coupled with their affordable cost makes Wooden Street the ultimate destination for decor pieces. Thanks!!!

    Kinjan Sangani, Bangalore
  • home decor, home interior design, home decor online, home furnishing, home decor items, home furnitu

    My first purchase from Wooden Street was a Vintage Wooden Clock, and it’s still there on the wall of the living room. Ever since that purchase I’ve bought most of their decor pieces including the breathtaking photo frames, the exquisite mirror frames, and my latest purchase has been a pair of decorative wall hangings. Apart from their utility purpose, these wall hangings enhance the look of the wall, thus making the room appear gorgeous. I would like to recommend Wooden Street and their decor pieces for all reasons.

    Shreyas Jagadeesh, New Delhi
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    Little pieces of decor have the capability to add an extravagant look to the room, and when you buy these pieces from somebody who has a voracious collection, then you can be sure that you’re choosing something that will add grace to your home. Wooden Street is the place that has the finest collection of home decor, and the best that I’ve bought from them are decorative products. The aura that they create in the room leaves me awestruck. Thanks for these decorative pieces.

    Akshatha Shetty, Mumbai
  • home decor, home interior design, home decor online, home furnishing, home decor items, home furnitu

    Wooden Street and their home decor products are indeed the best of their kind; the unique designs, color combination and the perfection with which these products are made meet the expectations of the clients. One of their finest decor pieces that I have at home is the antique wooden frame, a piece of infinite beauty. Thanks!

    Pallab Chatterjee, Bangalore
  • home decor, home interior design, home decor online, home furnishing, home decor items, home furnitu

    With the online market flooded with decor pieces, it 's hard to find the one that provides you the best piece at an affordable price. I was persistently groaning with the pain of not being able to find the right piece of decor for the home until a friend recommended me Wooden Street. Ever since that day, whatever I bought for the house has been from this online store. The quality of the products and the affordability is indeed commendable.

    Ganesh Nayak, Mumbai
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    Thanks Wooden Street for your impressive range of home decor pieces. Your antique figurines have been truly mesmerizing, adding grace and beauty to the living room of my house. I just can’t thank you enough for creating this exquisite masterpiece that’s one in a kind, and indeed the most amazing. Thank You!

    Srinidhi Viswanatha, Bangalore
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