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5 Mind blowing Cushion Cover Ideas for an Amazing Makeover of your Home

Cushion covers are the best items to invest in, for an instant makeover of your rooms. Check out the blog to know about the perfect cushion cover for every occasion and people of all ages.

We all agree that an amazing home with great ambience, is what we all desire in the depths of our heart. After a long day at work, our cosy corners bring us a lot of peace. Upon visiting any home, what do you feel seeing messy living rooms, bedrooms with unclean and old torn bed sheets? Well, we are sure you do not feel like staying there for long and that leaves a bad impression of the hosts as well. Now, compare this with going to a well-organized house, where bed sheets to cushion covers everything screams of style. You appreciate the elegant taste of the host and feel like staying in their homes for a longer time, isn’t it?

By now, you have already had a taste of both the worlds. Finer tastes in classy and elegant choice of home decor have intrigued you and you might want to know more. Well you do not need to sweat over it; because here are some tips on how to use cushion covers in style for a makeover of your home.

Why Focus on Cushion Covers for the Makeover of your House?

From the title of this blog, you have understood that we will be talking about cushion covers here. You are probably wondering why cushion covers? Well we have a few pointers for that.

  • The first thing a guest sees, when they come in your house is your living area or your drawing room. Your sofa is so incomplete without great cushions and their arrangements.
  • Cushions with stylish cover add colour and texture to your living room and can uplift your mood.
  • Cushion covers reflect your style and taste, and say a lot about you as a person.
  • It adds on to the existing ambience of your living area, and helps you vibe with your lounging area.
  • This point is for the millennial people, cool and vibrant cushion covers makes a good background for pictures for your gram!

Now that you know the importance of cushion covers, we will share with you 5 styling tips for cushion covers to give your home an amazing transformation.

The Ultimate Cushion Cover Styling Tips for Amazing Makeover

1. Play with Colours

Colored Cushion Cover

Colours can never disappoint especially bright ones. You can always choose colours, which can either complement the existing ambience of your room or stand out in contrast with the background colour. Say, suppose, you have a nude, light cream or white walls and your sofa is of the lighter shade, you can choose cushion covers that are bright in colour. We suggest the Yellow and Green Digital Print Velvet Reversible Cushion Cover - Set of 2 (18 x 18 inches), which will brighten up your couch with its bright yellow and bottle green colour. The bird and floral designs also impart a rich style to it.

2. Update with Changing Seasons

cushion covers

You change your clothes and fashion according to the seasons, right? Then why not your cushion covers? It adds on to the overall ambience of the room, and helps you relax better. Summers, demand for lighter shade and cotton fabric cushion covers whereas winters, will go better with woolly and darker colours like deep brown, or grey. For example, Turquoise Premium Cotton Designer Cushion Covers, gives a soothing vibe with its light pastel colors and cotton fabric.

3. Glam It Up for Festivals

We have occasions and festivals round the year with Diwali, Eid, Marriages and what not. What do all of them have in common? Yes, you guessed it right, traditional and ethnic apparels. So decorate your living rooms and give your house a makeover too, with stylish ethnic cushion covers embroidered in different patterns. The Multicolour Embroidered Cotton Cushion Covers is an excellent traditional design. It has multiple colours such as blue, red and green and has floral embroidery with mirror beads that sets the festive tone just right.

4. To Avoid Frequent Washing

cushions in the bedroom

If you are someone, who is too lazy to wash and change your cushion covers frequently, then this tip is for you. It also works for cushions in the bedroom, which are soiled very easily and is used a lot. You can use multi printed bright coloured cushion covers with reversible sides. Don’t know what we are talking about? The Blue Digital Print Velvet Reversible Cushion Cover - Set of 2, is one such piece. The bright blue and the elaborate floral pattern in pink, is printed digitally on both sides to be used alternatively. 

5. To Get a Ultra-Modern Look

Ultra-Modern Look

These cushion covers are a brilliant idea for the modern houses. They have amazing and unique patterns, in the form of modern and abstract designs. The Greek Tiles Jacquard Cushion Cover is a piece that stands out the most. With its Greek styled tile –pattern, the ochre yellow, black and white colour combination sets up a warm and comfortable tone. The cotton jacquard texture makes it soft to touch and cozy.

We hope these 5 Tips on how to use cushion covers for an amazing makeover of your home help you with your endeavours! Cushions and trendy covers are an extra spice in the decor of our homes and should be chosen carefully, as they can either make or break the look of the existing vibe of your houses.

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