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6 Contemporary Study Table Designs for a Perfect Study Room

Study tables by Wooden Street are incredibly designed to provide a single solution to all your needs, like storage, display, style and a lot more. Check the study tables from the list of our bestsellers that are loved by our clients across the countr

In every home, a place is required where you can read and recollect your thoughts, a place where you can work, write and read in peace. It could either be a small study room, or a corner of your living room or bedroom. But without a study table, the place is incomplete because a study table helps you in reading, writing and working while you are at home.

Gone are the days when the huge study tables acquired half of the space of your room, giving limited functionality. Study tables by Wooden Street are incredibly designed to provide a single solution to all your needs, such as storage, display, style and a lot more. Scroll down to check the study tables from the list of our bestsellers that are loved by our clients across the country.

A Multi-utility Unit

A study table-cum–bookshelf is a perfect piece for your home workstation. Our Jerold Study Table is a one-stop shop for a perfect home workstation. It gives ample storage space for books, files and other stationery items along with a large surface to hold a laptop or a computer.
Rahul Dev got the right study table at Wooden Street after searching on various furniture sites. He said,” I ordered this table after searching and comparing all major furniture e-stores. It is very good and fits with my requirements perfectly.”

The Wall-Mounted Study Table

Study table design

A wall-mounted study table is a classy furniture piece to pick when you are running short on space. This sleek study table can be mounted on an empty wall of your bedroom or living room, saving all the floor space. This is an intelligent idea to adorn that wall while making it functional and spacious at the same time.

Mukul Joshi, a marketing person from Pune played smart by picking the Zeni study table for his studio apartment. He said,” Space is always an issue in small apartments and this table is perfect for me and my laptop. Drawers are a bonus.”

The Modest Style

study table ideas

Sitting on the floor while working is still pleasurable for many. If you are amongst those people, a platform study table can be the best gift for your home workplace. The desk has sufficient space to place a laptop or a book with drawers and open shelves providing adequate storage space. It can also be an alternate option for a study table for kids. Being small in height, it is easily accessible by kids. 

Sarika from Chennai bought the Ineista study table for her bedroom and converted a corner into a low floor study.

The Foldable Study Table

Foldable Study Table Ideas

Another suitable option for a small space is a foldable study table. When folded, it gives a look of a closed cabinet, and can easily occupy the vacant corner of a room.
Noida-based Kalpesh Amin opted for the same by buying Holger Foldable Wall Mounted Table for his room.  He said,” Study area doesn’t have to take up lots of space and this study table proves this.”

The All-time favourite

Wooden Street offers a variety of conventional study tables suiting the modern needs. Wallace study table is one of our bestsellers loved by the customers across the nation because of its simple, classy and spacious look.

Deepshikha ordered this Wallace Study Table for her father. She liked its unique design with lots of storage to organise a workspace at home in a simple and elegant manner.

The Compact Laptop Tables

Study Table Designs

Late night working is a prevalent part of today's lifestyle. If you don’t work late but still love working on your bed or couch, then laptop tables are just for you.

Zadran Study table is for those busy-at-home people who wish to work in their comfort zone. The storage drawer adds utility where you can store your necessary stationeries.

Study is definitely an intelligent space of the house that needs to be spruced up smartly. Study Table is the first and the most important ingredient to add in your Study. 

With Wooden Street, get the right study table or have it customised the way you want, with just a few clicks.  For more details, check out the amazing variety of Study Tables now! 

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