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7 Amazing Balcony Decoration Ideas for Diwali Within Budget

Diwali is right around the corner and here are some easy balcony décor ideas that will save you time and money.

It is that time of the year again when the festive season is on its full swing. Decorating your house before Diwali is one of the most exciting parts that we all enjoy. Nobody wants to miss out on their chance of getting fabulous Instagram-worthy festive photos. That is one of the major reasons why people go gaga over doing up their space for Diwali.

While we give special attention to our living rooms when it comes to decoration, the balcony often gets ignored. Here, are some super awesome balcony decoration ideas which will transform your space without digging a hole in your pocket:

1. Go High on Lights

How can we talk about Diwali balcony decoration ideas and not mention lights? During the festivities, there is no such thing as too many lights. You can get beautiful LED strip lights that will make your balcony look like a night sky with flickering stars. You can get them in various designs and can also use them up after Diwali.

2. Set Up Your Own Bar

Diwali is all about fun and togetherness. Make you celebrations even better by clinking glasses sharing a peg or two with your pals. Are you thinking what can be better? Setting up your own mini bar at the balcony. This balcony decoration idea would not just look fancy but also be practical. Buy some good quality bar trolleys with beer mugs, bring in the finest wine, add in some snacks, and you are sorted. To set the vibe right, you can even install a wooden wine rack in your balcony.

3. Display Your Greens

One of the simplest balcony decoration ideas is to use hanging pots and planters on your railings. They would make for a good day-time décor and will also display your nicely maintained plants. If you are not a plant parent, you can buy artificial flowers that come in hanging planters. Put them up on your wall or mount them on the railings- they would look fascinating either ways. To make them look pretty even in the night, you can wrap fairy lights around the planters.

4. Light Some Candles

While strip bulbs has a beauty of their own, you do not want to skip lighting some beautiful candles. If you are bored of the usual designs, you can buy pretty candle stands to use them as balcony Diwali light decoration. They will create a very warm and inviting aura around. You can even make a rangoli in your balcony and decorate it with candles.

5. Get, Set, Swinging!

If you want a minimalistic balcony decoration for Diwali, just invest in few good furniture pieces for your balcony. One of the trendiest items would be a swinging chair. It is available in a myriad of styles and you can pick the one perfect for your balcony. Team it up with some candles and you have your own decked up Diwali-appropriate space ready in no time.

6. Adding a Vintage Element

Apart from swing chairs, benches are another great seating options. They are unique and would add a very rustic vibe to your balcony decoration. You can go for a simplistic balcony decoration with lights and a well-crafted bench. It will be a very new way of doing up your balcony without putting in a lot of efforts.

7. Play Around with Furniture

While benches and swings chairs make for great small balcony decoration ideas India, if you have a lot of space, you can invest in good patio furniture too. Jazz things up a little and shop for innovative designs. You will be surprised to see the huge variety in which they come in these days.

There are countless balcony decor ideas that you can incorporate in Diwali. Just use your creative mind and start preparing for it in advance. Shop from a store which offers variety so that you don’t have to run from one shop to another. These simple, easy-to-do Diwali balcony decoration ideas will make sure you have a great Diwali without blowing up a lot of money.

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Source- Design Cafe and Spruce

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