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7+ Best Dining Table Design Ideas to Dine in Style

Dining table sets are an inevitable part of every home where you create memorable moments over the meal. Want to enhance your dining experience? Here's a rundown of 7+ dining table design ideas!

"Gather Eat Laugh Bond," a quote that perfectly pictures friends, or family sitting together, sharing a hearty meal, and doing the unlimited gossips.

As every picture needs a perfect setup, similarly to create one at your home, you need an amazing dining table set. It is indeed one of the most important furniture items in every home. From discussing the day to serving the delicacies right, life happens at dining sets in many ways.

Today, we bring you some amazing dining table design ideas that are both appealing and functional to dine in style. Have a look:

Cambrey 6 Seater Cushioned Dining Sets

- The Classic Beauty

dining table ideas

Classic dining set to create a classic dining space. Inspired by the rich culture, the Cambrey dining set sports a classic contemporary twist through its leaf-mesh pattern, which looks very elegant. While the cushioned seats add an ultimate comfort, the spacious table-top of this Sheesham wood dining table provides great convenience. 

Adolph 6 Seater Dining Set with Bench

- A Unique Taste 

dining table centerpiece ideas

A little modification in any evergreen design and you get a trendsetter that will stay for years. With alterations in the old one, here is a dining set with a bench. The addition of a bench in this wooden dining table design sets it apart while adding a classic touch to your space. Rich in detail, this unit is perfect for enjoying tempting dishes with your loved ones.

Alanis 4 Seater Dining Set

- A Traditional Take

dining table design ideas

How about adding some traditional vibes to your dining set? The Alanis 4 seater dining set is the best pick! Its classic design and spindles on the chairs make this wooden dining table design stand out. Constructed from solid wood, this masterpiece ensures high durability. Choose from our four different finish options to complement it with your home interior.

Amoha 6 Seater Marble Top Dining Set

- A True Luxury

best dining table design ideas

Wood and marble together can create wonders, and one such wonder is Amoha modern dining set. Suffused with a sense of elegance, this design is a true luxury. Composed of fine-quality wood and a marble tabletop, this is sure to change your dining experience. 

Mcbeth Storage 6 Seater Dining Set

- Best of Both the Worlds

modern dining table ideas

A smart dining set can not only increase the beauty of your space but also enhance the functionality factor. One of the best smart furniture pieces of 2020, this design offers unmatched style and great storage. Being classy and efficient, this design allows you to experience the best of both worlds.

Franco Extendable 6 Seater Dining Set

- Something Extravaganza

dining room ideas

The extendable dining set is one of the latest dining table design ideas that can add a trendy look to your home. 'Serving extensibility' and 'no more cramped space' are the key traits of the Franco extendable 6 seater dining set. So, no more panic and worries when unexpected guests arrive. Just stretch the table, and you will have all the space you need. 

Cohoon 4 Seater Dining Set

- Compact Comeliness

small living room with dining table

What happens when you set up a big dining table in a small room? You are left with cramped space and improper aesthetics, right? Made especially for compact spaces, this design is an ideal fit if you have a small abode. Be it a formal meet up or a brunch accompanied by a casual chit-chat session, this unit is well suited for every occasion. Moreover, the chairs' unique structure can take your comfort zone to the other level.

Benz 2 Seater Dining Table Set

- Beauty on Walls 

small dining table ideas

Looking for something smart and space-savvy on the list? Well, a wall-mounted dining table can be a perfect choice for you. While the folding dining units were always in vogue, 2020 is witnessing their whole new avatar. This wall-mounted foldable dining table design spells timeless elegance and unmatched comfort. A modern design, Benz can also be incorporated in your kitchen's corner. 

Loved these amazing designs of dining table sets? We have something else in the store, which will further enhance the appearance of your dining area. 

A Final Touch

A place where you have unlimited fun and laughter, the dining sets indeed shout for pretty tableware accessories that can make the whole setup beautiful. Explore the all-new range of tableware items in WoodenStreet's decor segment and pick the one that can make your meal-time a memorable experience.

From a wonderful dinner set to unique coasters and placements, add everything that can make your dining set functional and eye-pleasing.

We have summed up the best, and latest dining set designs that are needed to dine in style. Want to make a unique set for yourself? You can easily do so at WoodenStreet. Pick your favorite pieces from the categories of dining chairs and tables individually, and get a fully customized dining set delivered to your home. All the products are available in different colors and finish variants to suit your needs!  

We will be back with our next blog soon. Until then, Stay Tuned, Stay Safe, and Stay Trendy!

Arpita 27 Sep 2021 Reply
I like this folding Wall mounted table. Would like to know more about it.
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To know more, You can connect with us at our support number +91-9314444747
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Thanks for sharing this post
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Priyal jain 24 Jul 2020 Reply
Amazing Collection of Dining Tables I liked the Amoha 6 Seater Marble Top Dining Set Its Royal and Classy
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Ayan Khan 23 Jul 2020 Reply
Can i buy only the chairs?
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Hi Ayan, Yes, you can surely buy dining chairs individually. Check out the amazing collection of dining chairs here: https://www.woodenstreet.com/dining-chairs - In the case of more queries, connect with our experts via Call or Whatsapp at +91-9314444747. - Regards, Team WoodenStreet
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What is the price for the marble dining set?
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Hi Kajol, The offer price of Amoha 6 Seater Marble Top Dining Set is ₹96,999/- - In the case of more queries, connect with our experts via Call or Whatsapp at +91-9314444747. - Regards, Team WoodenStreet
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