Divine Decor14 Aug 2021

7 Budget Friendly Ways to Make Your Home Look Stylish

Redoing your interior décor can be a daunting task. Well, not anymore. Let’s check out some fun and affordable ways to stylize our apartments.

Let’s admit it, we all dream of making our apartments look like the perfect home that we see on magazines and Instagram. In our quest to find the perfect look for our space, we end up bringing in new furniture, discarding the old, and just getting into frenzy. If you don’t figure things out and just jump right into transforming your space, things may go downhill.

Creating the perfect interior is not about shopping mindlessly for what is on trend. All you need to master is the art of spending as little money as you can while transforming your space into your dream abode. Here are some simple ways to get you started:

1. Say Hello to Mirrors!

Did you know that mirrors can actually make your space look bigger? You can buy life-sized mirrors or the quirky round ones to create the illusion of more space. Placing mirrors on wardrobe doors is an excellent idea to visually expand your room while giving it a fresh look. If you are looking for trendy a nd functional mirrors, check out WoodenStreet’s Bohemian Mirror Collage or the stunning Echo Circular Carved Mirror Wall.

2. Play with the Lighting

It’s time to replace your rusty old bulbs with fashionable flush mounts and floor lamps. The new styles of lighting are not only beautiful to look at but also consume way less power. WoodenStreet has a splendid collection of lighting solutions. If you want a minimalistic ceiling light for your bedroom, go for its Zeshan Trio Combo Ceiling Light. To get all the royal feels, you can beautify your living room with the Caltrop Metal Floor Lamp.

3. Don’t Miss the Quirky Add-Ons

While a lot of us stick to the basic neutral shades, a splash of colour here and there would not hurt anyone. They would add a happy and welcoming vibe to your house and accentuate the interior features too. You can buy a cosy and beautiful sofa throw like the Dark Pink Herring Bone Style Multipurpose Summer Throw. If you are looking for something more vibrant, why not go for a fancy floor rug? WoodenStreet’s Lumina Grey Cotton Flat Weave Rug would be perfect for you.

4. Give it a Vintage Touch

Dedicate a corner to vintage elements and you will be surprised to notice the difference it would make. A vintage wall clock like the Brado Brass Metal Fitted Wooden Wall Clock from WoodenStreet is the perfect mix of contemporary and antique. You can also shop for miniatures and figurines as they would give a very museum-like feel to your corner. WoodenStreet has some great stuff such as its Brass and Wood Gold Gramophone which would be a great addition to your coffee table or study desk.

5. Explore the Beauty of Curtains

Colourful and well-printed curtains can give a refreshing touch to the dimmest of interiors. If you want to renew the way your space looks, throw on some fancy curtains on the windows and see them unravel magic. Here’s another great tip- Hanging curtains neared to your ceiling will make your windows appear bigger. Curtains like the White and Yellow Screen Print Cotton Floral Window Curtain or the Sworn Peacock Embroidered Curtain from WoodenStreet are amazing. They are perfect for all types of houses.

6. Cherish the Greens

Open your doors to plants and flowers to bring in fresh air and colours. There is no house which can look cluttered or ugly when introduced to plants. Invest in some good planters which would double up as décor elements while being home to your plants. If you want sleek plant stands, you will love the Quad Brass Finish Metal Planter with Stand. If you are looking for something unique, the Kaya Black Finish Iron Planter with Stand from WoodenStreet is a must-have.

7.Invest in Modern Furniture

While your old furniture has a beauty of their own, bring in some modern pieces to make things more interesting. A stylish bookshelf like the Cagney Bookshelf barely takes up any space and looks ravishing to say the least. You can also shop for some chic masterpieces like Joan Wingback Chair from WoodenStreet which has a royal vibe to it.

Redoing your house does not have to be a daunting task. Nor does it need to burn a hole in your pocket. You should do your research well in advance and start with small. Invest in items that would not only enhance the beauty of your space but would also serve some purpose. There is no point in cluttering your house with impulsive buys. Go for items that call out to you and reflect who you are.

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